Valentine Day At Pushkar Lake

I captured this picture on Valentine’s day at Pushkar Lake in Rajasthan. Pushkar is 130 Km from Jaipur and is famous for the Bramha temple and Pushkar Fair. This holy town is a famous Hindu pilgrim. The lake is a tranquil and peaceful place. It is common to find travelers sitting and enjoying the serene atmosphere of the Pushkar Lake and the surrounding Ghats.

At Pushkar Lake. Pushkar

Pushkar is popular for its chilled out atmosphere, among the long-stay foreign travelers. Pushkar is one of the top places among the hippies. Although the hippie culture has died down over the years, its legacy can be experienced in Pushkar. The Pushkar drug scene is well known. Drugs like Afim/Charas can be easily bought in Pushkar. This being a holy town, it is frequented by the Babas and Sadhus. They have a reputation for being stoned.

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14 thoughts on “Valentine Day At Pushkar Lake

      1. True, it’s a commercial event, with no historical relevance for most of the countries and people. but at the same time, new generation has embraced it completely! It seems Commercial events and fest ‘s will replace traditional festivals -sooner or later! 🙂

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