Weekly Photo Challenge -Half Light/ Silhouette at Birla Temple, Jaipur

(This post has been created in response to the  Weekly Photo Challenge – Half-Light)

I clicked these two pictures at a popular temple called Birla Mandir (Temple) in Jaipur. It’s not a very old one;thrown open for public only in 1988.

The first picture also captures silhouette of people;  the second one doesn’t.




Clicked during evening time, almost an hour before sunset and shot  with a Circular Polarizer filter mounted on lens; making it perfect for the theme Half Light.

Birla Temple faces west direction and none of these two pictures have captured building of the Temple. These pictures face away from the temple towards the setting Sun. A separate post on Birla Temple will follow soon.

This post is part of  Weekly Photo Challenge –Half-Light

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38 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge -Half Light/ Silhouette at Birla Temple, Jaipur

      1. That’s true dear. I find lesser time these days with office work occupying my time in professional life and when at home, my 7 months daughter gives me so much pleasure. In the midst of all this, whenever I get time, I hop on to WordPress. But I am enjoying with my little one and don’t want to miss these sweet moments of her growth. So, WP has taken a back seat as of now 🙂

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      1. Arv, thanks for the response. Officially on the BW blogroll is recorded:
        “vignettes and musings of one who has lived a long life – nostalgia, culture, and education.” In a nutshell, I’m the grandmother of the bunch, with very few bloggers older than I. I have been doing grammar and punctuation for BW. I write some poetry, haiku mostly. I follow some daily prompts, enter some six word challenges, write some limericks. Guess that covers most of it. I have very serious pages on my sites also. Did you notice, no photos – your speciality. I don’t have the equipment nor knowledge to be join that group of talented people, but I do like to look at interesting and beautiful pictures. How is all that for getting acquainted? I have a post on BW home page called “But Not Always.” East to find. Try me there. I’ll see you.

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      2. Thanks for all those details. I actually browse through your blog and the post gave me impression that it has to something with religion. I found it safer to ask you. We all are different, so it’s quite okay to not post any pictures. some bloggers post a picture sourced from internet with their poetry though. Even I’m not a poetry or story enthusiast! It’s beyond me! Will check out your blog. BTW where are you from?
        Thanks for derailed reply oneta! 🙂


  1. Arv, I do write a lot of inspirational pieces. I am a Christian and that will show in much of my writings. As I said I have static pages that are relating almost exclusively to my Christian faith. I’m mid USA – Oklahoma. Communicating with other religions does not bother me but my faith will show in most of my stuff. 😀 😀

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    1. That’s great! It’s nice when your belief shows in everything you do. 🙂
      Oklahoma? I heard a tornado just made it’s way over there. hope you’re all safe and sound.

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