What is future of Photography?

This is a reblog from another blog of mine where I post sometimes. Sharing this with you all as some of you may find it interesting.

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Photography is one of  the most  popular hobbies across the World. I’m being plagued by a question,  now and then –  What is future of photography?

future-of-photography-roopkund DSLR cameras…. will these too relegate to history?

There are some developments in photography world which I have  observed, lately. These are:

  • Increased sharing of pictures clicked through mobile phone on social media. People nowadays  prefer posting pictures instantly on FB, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Pictures are increasingly used to connect  with the our circle and to depict how we are having time of our life.
  • Falling camera sales – Many Camera manufacturers have already announced that they will not  manufacture entry-level cameras as there are no takers. Mobile phones have replaced entry-level cameras. Similarly, DSLR sales have fallen year on year. Newer camera technology like Mirror-less cameras sales are yet to garner momentum.
  • No major innovation or leading technology in digital camera  industry…

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6 thoughts on “What is future of Photography?

    1. I agree with the view that professional category will not vanish whether DSLR or mirror-less as there will be Photography enthusiasts and professionals. The major point is how photography is perceived. Thanks for sharing your views Divya! 🙂

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  1. Arv good insight. Whatever the mobile phone’s results are it cannot match the clarity that is obtained using a DSLR. The problem for many is the money to invest. And the carrying part and the responsibility part. You need an interest in using it also. Otherwise it is always comfortable to hold a mobile and click away.

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  2. How true. The advent of the mobile phone camera has changed the way we take photos. Everyone is a photographer and sharing photos has become more important than taking them! But there is a charm and skill involved in a good photograph which every shutterbug cannot have

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    1. That’s true. I would like to compare this with culinary skills, everyone can cook but only a few can make it lip smacking. It’s true that technology has made things simpler and cheap, so access has increased but story doesn’t end here. You need to have right skills. Thanks for sharing your perspective! 🙂


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