“Frooce-ed”? Frooce, The Juice Bar



 Fruits+Juice = Frooce!!

Frooce, The juice Bar. The façade!

I first heard about Frooce through the internet although I can’t recall if it was on a social media or restaurant review site.  I never thought that cold pressed juice was available in Jaipur; it did sound interesting!

where to have fresh fruit juice and smoothie in jaipur frooce c scheme
Inside Frooce, Jaipur
Waiting to be poured into the bottle! Frooce, Jaipur

I decided to visit Frooce to catch up with a friend, the very same day. It is centrally located  in the ever busy C-Scheme area. While I presumed Frooce as a hangout place with fair amount of seating space, it did not turn out the same way. It’s not designed to be one! On the contrary, the concept that Frooce proposes is something else – You walk in to Frooce,  choose your favourite juice or smoothie, watch it being made & packed right in front of you in a disposable plastic bottle. Carry your juice and enjoy it anywhere!

frooce the juice bar best place to have juice in jaipur
“Bottled Goodness” waiting to be packed! Frooce, Jaipur


My friend ordered “Alive” while I ordered “Protein Power” smoothie. I loved the smoothie which was a combination of banana, strawberries, orange juice, yoghurt, flax seeds and walnut. There was no guilty feeling as it was made with natural ingredients  sans ice cream, sugar or preservatives.

This is what I ordered. Protein power smoothie! Frooce, Jaipur

I revisited Frooce, the following Sunday and this time I ordered “Stamina”. It was  amazing. During this visit I met Namokar Jain, one of co-founder who is  based in Ahmedabad working in corporate world. He was helping the staff to counter the Sunday rush; devoting his weekend to this new venture. During our casual discussion he explained the concept of cold pressed juice; how it differs from other juice extraction methods. He went on to explain that they only use 100% natural ingredients. Cold pressed juice is a new concept in Jaipur and Frooce is surely a pioneer, out here.

All you want to know about Cold pressed juice. Frooce, Jaipur

During my third visit I picked up “Stamina” & “Mean Green” along with a smoothie “Green storm”.


This is what I picked up! Frooce, Jaipur

I loved “Stamina” though “Mean Green” was pretty close too! Frooce jaipur

All of them tasted perfect & great. My favourite was “Stamina” as my preference leans towards fruits rather than vegetables blended in. That’s a personal preference though. I’m sure there are many who’ll love lots vegetable in their juices for health reason. Ankit Tambi, another co-founder explained how idea of Frooce took shape. During his visit to Singapore he came across cold pressed juice and he liked it. That’s when he thought of introducing the same to Jaipur as it was not available here. The team then experimented with various options and ingredients for a year before launching Frooce in Jaipur. They wanted to perfect their offering before making it available to the public. Initially, they thought of introducing the take away only, but after mulling it over they decided to let customer watch & experience the making of a cold pressed juice.

Juice in progress…Frooce, Jaipur


“Stamina” being poured into the bottle! Frooce, The Juice Bar, Jaipur

Frooce also sells Detox and fitness plans whereby they have pre-selected 6 options to be consumed at fixed intervals during the day.

Fitness and Detox options offered by Frooce.

I normally avoid smoothies, juices or cold coffee as somehow ice cream or lots of  sugar end  into it, all in the name of taste! I’m sure that with Frooce, I don’t have to think too hard while opting for  juices and smoothies. Outlet like Frooce is a welcome change.

I was quite tempted to try the mix fruit “Frooce Pop”; it looks quite tempting. Next time….for sure.

Frooce Pop….Mix Fruit pop at Frooce, Jaipur!

I’m impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of three partners – Namokar, Ankit and Amit. They have  plans to open FROOCE in a bigger avatar. Amen!

Frooce opens at 7 Am for morning walkers and fitness enthusiasts. They close at 11 Pm.

frooce ashok marg c scheme jaipur
Money can certainly buy you juices and smoothie! Frooce, Jaipur

Frooce address: Vjai Point, Ashok Marg, C scheme, Jaipur.

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Frooce The juice Bar, Jaipur

33 thoughts on ““Frooce-ed”? Frooce, The Juice Bar

  1. Honestly … the machines appear to be a type of masticating juicer? I use a masticating juicer at home. If it were a press? There would be a large press on top. A masticating juicer is really good at producing juice without heat. Heat which would destroy vitamins. By purchasing your own juicer. Brings down the cost of producing delicious juice to a fraction of what you’ll pay at the counter. Yes, making your own is a treat. That is hard to avoid. Cheers Jamie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie! Indian market still leans to centrifugal juicers. Finding masticating juicer is difficult with none of major brands offering options. We only find either cheap Chinese imports or expensive imports in this category. Thanks for your honest suggestion and comment, I’ll look for one now! Appreciate it now.


    1. Well said! Jaipur is witnessing mushrooming of eating joints and options. But very few are unique, most of them are regular kind of Cafe! I’m only featuring the most unique ones. Frooce is one of it’s kind. Thanks for checking it out. 🙂


    1. Ha ha! I wish it was possible to export…. Or we had ‘travel -portation ‘ similar to star trek!! Do make something nice and blog it too for us all! Have a great weekend! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It might be very delicious and healthy. I just wonder what taste have the froze with the cucumber? Never tried it like this, but so far as I like cucumber I might found it tasty. Which one is your favourite?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, cucumber! There is a picture where they seem to squeeze the juice from cucumber))) I thought that may be it is kind of popular in your place. But what about kiwi? I’ve never tried a juice from kiwi too =D

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Traditionally, Indian culture never had concept of juices. It’s actually a western concept. Unlike say countries like yours we eat lot of cooked vegetables, so making juice from say cucumber is not popular. Kiwi again is a recent introduction to India so it’s not very popular. personally, I don’t eat kiwi unless it’s blended with something else. I rate fruits which are locally grown much higher in terms of taste then the ones which are imported.


  3. Cold press juice is the in thing. Because juice is made without heating many important ingridients stay undamaged. In India where fried food is the norm, if people can be attracted towards more healthy food and drinks it will be a welcome change. Fruce is a nice name too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely. At the same time, I think this too is a fad. There are many shops offering cold press juice but only a few will survive. You are right, most of Indian food is fried. Have you tasted cold press juice?


      1. Can we consider sugarcane juice to be cold pressed? I have had many. Even in our road side stalls mausambi juice is made by press. These may not be high-tech, but it is available.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. technically, No. But personally, I think they should. Yes, these are available easily and at affordable prices at less than one sixth of the col press prices.


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