Climate Control! Skywatch

During the last few days, the weather has turned quite nasty with the temperature hovering above 40 C. Although such high temperatures are common in May and June but in April….. it’s a surprise!

I was catching up with a blogger friend of mine at a popular hotel, Jai Niwas in Jaipur. This particular hotel is famous among the long-stay visitors as its akin to a home-stay. We were sitting in the garden, surrounded by a variety of trees. For some reason, I looked up and found clouds filling in Jaipur Sky. Looking at the clouds, it seems that nature has its own mechanism to control the temperature. (The automobile industry calls it “Climate Control” which sounds funny to me!)

I guess the next few days won’t be so hot after a drizzle or two!

I captured a few pictures on my mobile phone of this “climate control” mechanism. I’m sharing them with you, here.


By the way, can you name the trees in these pictures? Hint: These are popular trees in India!



Posted for Skywatch Friday.

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29 thoughts on “Climate Control! Skywatch

  1. Mother Nature always has her balancing tactics…that is how she has been sustaining the avarice of mankind for ages! Those are lovely pics, the one in which sky peeps through clouds is my favorite 🙂

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    1. You are so right. When it gets tired with mankind, it shows its furious avatar – snow storms, typhoons, droughts….
      I shows us…who’s the boss here!
      That picture is my favorite too. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. Fabulous photos, my friend! Over 40 degrees is amazing for the month of April. If it is evidence for climate change, some people here in Canada will argue, ‘Then why is it so cold in Canada right now?’ Nature is about 3 weeks behind where we live. Happy blogging!

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    1. Thank you for all the appreciation. 🙂
      Well, climate change is arguable! Most scientist believe that we are experiencing climate change on Earth. But there’s a small set of scientist who argue, Earth was always changing. Difficult to side….
      But I do think that we Humans are greedy, plundering Earth more than what we need! I’m convinced on this.
      Well, we all get our share of extreme climate. Cold in Canada…Hot in India…just wondering what if nature decides to switch the places? 😉

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  3. Its extremely hot in Tamil Nadu too. Not like April at all! We had a couple of summer showers this week alternating with hot weather.They are also called as summer showers or Mango showers because we get them during the mango season which is currently in full swing.

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    1. Mango? Reminds me of the lovely Salem Alphonso from TN! Atually, it tastes different from the Ratnagiri Alphonso…
      I have experienced summers in TN, so I know what it means. Hoping for some more Mango showers there, so things are manageable! 🙂

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  4. We have had the wettest Spring on record! All the plants are far behind and it’s getting depressing! I can’t wait for summer, but 40 c is a bit too warm for this fair haired girl and I’d turn to Bacon! 🙂

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    1. Ha ha!, I know. That’s the reason why during summers the British would shift to the Hill stations in colonial period. I guess the weather every where is going crazy.

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