man-and-tree- silhouette-jaipur-sunrise-skywatch

Humans And Trees | Are We Similar?

A few weeks ago during hiking, a random thought occurred in my mind.  Are humans and trees alike? Yes. They are. And how is that?

man-and-tree- silhouette-jaipur-sunrise-skywatch

Can you think of a few? Here are two similarities between humans and trees.

  • Uniqueness

No two humans are alike. Even twins differ. Differ in temperament, outlook, and thoughts despite possessing similar outward appearance and features. Our fingerprints are unique which is why biometric thumb impression is considered to be one of the most effective ways to identify a person. Retina scan is another alternative to identify someone.

In a similar way, trees from the same species differ in their appearance, height, leaves, fruits, and roots among other things. Each tree has a unique ring pattern in its tree trunk which denotes its unique DNA. Haven’t we come across a difference in the taste of fruits borne by the neighboring tree?

  • Mortality

Both humans and trees are mortal. Like humans, the tree expectancy varies from species to species. Some trees are known to live for hundreds of years but that’s impossible for humans. While 60-80 years is common, a life expectancy of around 100+ years is rare. As much as we are influenced by our atmosphere so are trees. Pollution in the environment affects both trees and human lives. Neither of us is mortal.

I’m sure there are many more similarities. Can you add a few more?

P.S. I captured the above picture during a hiking trip excursion near Jaipur. I’m a part of a hiking group in Jaipur who get together on a weekend to trek in nearby locations. The common motive that binds us together is love for hiking and watching the sunrise.

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38 thoughts on “Humans And Trees | Are We Similar?

  1. Trees connect with each other and communicate through roots much as we humans need to connect with each other. We share 25% of our genes with trees so we are cousins in that respect. I also believe trees have emotions like us, their way of expression may be different. In our home garden, I have always felt the plants and trees are sad when my father isn’t around.
    Lastly, am sure you’ll agree trees are so much better than us humans in so many respects 🙂

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    1. I think the first two aspects are something new for me. Thanks for sharing, Neel.
      Well, if you can sense the sadness in trees and plants, that’s incredible.
      Yes, trees are better because they don’t cause devastation in ecology by elimination other species both plant and animals. If that is what you meant, Neel.

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  2. Trees are living beings. Like artery and vein in humans, trees have Xylem and Phloem to carry nutrients. There must be microscopic and molecular level signatures that may be unique to a tree.

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      1. True. Acharya J C Bose had shown trees feel pain also. Though it seems data was not reproducible always, we now know that plants respond to touch and plants that are carnivores. Everything in this world is conscious, degree of manifestation differs.

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  3. We and trees share one most important aspect in common. We are both living organisms and seek the light we depend on for healthy living. Thoughts like these you get on your nature walks, where you have time to reflect. Thank you for your great insight and picture, Arv!

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    1. Certainly. Yes, you are right that one gets such thoughts on nature trail or hiking because you can cut from the rest of the world and think on a different level. I’m glad we share the common interest – nature. One of your best series is wednesday post which lets us enjoy scenes from your part of the world. 🙂
      Thanks for shaing your thoughts!

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  4. Ruskin Bond makes the same observation in one of his stories…he compares a young child to a mimosa plant, which grows at the same pace as human beings if they are nurtured and not cut down.
    Some trees inspire like some persons, some make you smile with their fragrance, some are thorny just like difficult people. Do you remember the couplets of Kabir? Bada huya to Keaya huya jaise pedh khajoor… 🙂

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    1. I enjoyed reading your comment because it offers a great insight. Well, this information about Ruskin Bond is something new for me. Yes, I do remember this famous line of Kabir. It was quoted a lot during my growing up years but haven’t heard this lately.

      I really like your comparison of trees with people – difficult and inspirational people. This is so true. In a way, our journey of life is similar to the road where we come across all sorts of trees. Thanks for sharing your perspective. It was definitely insightful. 🙂

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  5. Beautiful post. I love the parallels you draw. I also feel we humans can learn so much from trees. On being rooted. We practise a grounding exercise in reiki where we imagine roots growing out of our limbs and grounding us to Mother Earth. Just the way tress do.

    Trees also teach us to stand steadfast irrespective of external circumstances, come wind, rain, storm or hail.
    Trees impart us with great lessons in nurturing, by letting us rest in their shade, giving us their fruits of labour and every aspect of their being, that can be used for some benefit to humans.

    Trees are all about love, compassion and the art of giving and letting go.
    They are our life force.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts, Arvind and also for letting ours flow.


    1. I had no idea about this theory in Reiki. It is true that trees impart us a great lesson. I don’t think we can imagine our lives without trees around.

      Thanks for adding more to my words, Natasha. By the way, happy to hear about your new assignment. Certainly, this organisation is one of the leading one in wildlife travel category. All the best!


  6. As mentioned in the above comments, trees and humans resemble in different ways. I think we need to learn a lot from trees– the patience they show in the early stages, the way they shelter insects, birds, small animals, they provide us with fruits and flowers without complaining or seeking anything in return, they always soar upwards in search of light.

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    1. You are absolutely right, Maniparna. We have a lot to learn from trees. Above everything, how to coexist with other beings is vital because we humans have started destroying other species and that includes trees as well.
      Thanks for your insights, Maniparna


  7. Great post!:) Wanted to see if I could add a few things… Both of them have life. This means that they can feel everything. Hurting either of them is not justifiable… Both of them, under most circumstances, are down to the earth..

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    1. Thanks for adding these points. The only thing I would like to add is that some of us are one of the most ferocious species on this planet. We are responsible for wiping out many other species for our gains. But, yes most human being are good and don’t have malafide intentions. Thanks for adding. Do you love trees?

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      1. My pleasure!:) I found the question very interesting… Yeah actually, if there were more bad people than good, we all would probably not be alive!
        Yes, of course. I love trees and plants… I have 30 saplings at home… I water them everyday. They’re beautiful! I just love it when they grow into flowers and then fruits…
        Love and hugs!:)

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      2. I’m happy to know that you found it interesting. If you have so many saplings, it definitely means you are a tree lover.
        Happy to e-meet you. Are you following my blog? If not how did you stumble on this post?

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      1. Absolutely true. We humans have always looked at things with a greedy eye and we have always trespassed what is rightfully not ours. Just because we have mind and means to own it through all the means doesn’t make us rightful owner. Thanks for adding this perspective, Christian 🙂


  8. What a beautiful post Arv! I admire how rooted trees are and how deep their roots grow. We humans are similar with our ties I believe.
    I also like the idea of watching the sunrise while hiking!

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    1. Christian, it is all about making connections. I never went searching for a group. I was doing solo hikes and one of my friend introduced me to like-minded people. It is a chance event.

      Good wishes as you move to Beijing. Moving for work, Christian?

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