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Kalki Temple| Jaipur’s Best Kept Secret?

Kalki Temple in Jaipur is one of the best-kept secrets of the pink city. It is claimed to be the only temple dedicated to Lord Kalki in the world! Kalki Temple or Kalki Mandir as is locally called is dedicated to Lord Kalki, the last & future incarnation or Avatar of Lord Vishnu in human form. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Kalki will save the world and usher us all into the Sat Yuga.

Kalki Temple in Jaipur
Side view of Kalki Temple in Jaipur

Where is Kalki Temple in Jaipur?

Kalki Temple is located close to the world-famous Hawa Mahalin Sirehdyodi Bazaar, Jaipur.

hawa mahal jaipur view from the top image overlooking the sirehdyodi bazaar jaipurthrumylens
Overlooking the Sirehdyodi Bazaar from Hawa Mahal in Jaipur
Entrance to Lord Kalki Temple, Jaipur.


temple of kalki jaipur
Entrance to Kalki Temple in Jaipur

Facts about Kalki Mandir Jaipur

  •  Kalki Temple was commissioned by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II,  the founder of Jaipur city. Some references claim that construction of Kalki Temple started in 1727 AD, while others claim the year to be 1739 AD.
  • It is being claimed that Kalki Temple in Jaipur is the only temple dedicated to Lord Kalki in the World. There are other Kalki temples in India where the idol of Lord Kalki co-exists with other Hindu Gods & deities, this is the only temple dedicated to Kalki Bhagwan.
Sanctum, Lord Kalki Temple, Jaipur

Who is Kalki Bhagwan?

Kalki is future & last reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to Srimad Bhagavatam, Lord Kalki will appear between Kal Yuga and Sat Yuga. His reference is also provided in Puranas. Kalki will appear when human values will fall drastically to save the World from the evil forces.

Lord Vishnu has How Many Avatars?

As per Hindu mythology, Vishnu is considered to have ten avatars which is why the word Dashavatar is used. These are Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narsimha, Ram, Parshuram, Vamana, Krishna, and Buddha. Kalki will be the eleventh avatar. Yet another longer list of avatars of Vishnu exists. Some site 22 avatars while others consider 24 avatars of Vishnu.


Everything you want to know about the only Kalki Temple in the world!

The temple can be accessed from a gallery through the arched gateway on the Sirehdyodi Bazaar road. The pathway has ramp-like steps. The temple is maintained by Devesthan Vibhag (the state govt).

Ramp dating back to 18th century at Kalki Temple, Jaipur

From an architectural perspective, the Shikhar style is in line with the temples of its period. Marble and red sandstone have been used in the construction of the temple. The Mandapas of the temple are in three different styles of architecture.

kalki temple in jaipur
Twin Shikhars of Kalki Temple Jaipur

When is Kalki Avatar Expected?

The temple has a separate unit which contains beautifully carved horse made of white marble. People claim there is an injury mark in one of the legs of the horse. It is on self-healing of this injury mark, that the Lord Kalki will reincarnate on Earth to fight with evil forces. Many sources describe that Lord Kalki will reincarnate riding on a white horse with a blazing sword. This is how one can identify Kalki Avtaar.

jaipur temple
The enclosure at Kalki Temple Jaipur

There is yet another legend, this horse symbolizes the Ashwmegh Yagya ( अश्वमेघ यग) undertaken by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II during his reign. There have been only a few Hindu kings who have performed this ancient ritual. However, this story seems to be out of place with reference to this temple of Lord Kalki.

kalki temple jaipur
White Horse of Lord Kalki  at  Kalki Temple in Jaipur

In Kalki temple, except for the main sanctum, the architecture appears to be quite simple and devoid of ornate carvings. However, near the Garbhgriha gate, there are carvings on the white marble floor depicting Gada and Shankh (mace and conch); symbols essentially denoting Lord Vishnu. The Chaukhat (frame of the gate) is layered and beautifully carved.

sawai jai singh II
Entrance to Garbhagriha – Kalki Temple, Jaipur
The idol of Lord Kalki

Few sites on the internet have wrongly mentioned that Kalki temple is closed until his reincarnation on Earth. It’s not true. It’s false information! You can visit Kalki Temple in Jaipur.


  • Kalki Temple in Jaipur is open from sunrise to sunset

Among all heritage temples in Jaipur, Kalki Temple does call for special mention, being the only temple dedicated to the Lord Kalki. Commissioned by the founder of Jaipur- Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II surely adds to its appeal.

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26 thoughts on “Kalki Temple| Jaipur’s Best Kept Secret?

    1. Hi Kavita! If you haven’t visited Jaipur before then popular tourist sites must be included. I will suggest you to visit Amer palace, jagat shiromani temple, City Palace, Hawa Mahal for sure. for rest of the places, I can give you a summary from which you can pick up based on time and your interest. since it’s slightly long, it’ll be better if I can email it to you.


  1. Last year we visited the pink city of Jaipur. Loved the ancient forts, palaces and temples. The Kalki temple was one that caught my attention as it is the only temple dedicated to Lord Kalki. The images of the temple are captured well, good job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Saachi! Do you mean you visited Kalki temple? If you did, how did you come to know about it? Even local residents of the city are unaware of its presence!!


  2. Th Kalki temple would certainly be on my itinerary if we should visit Jaipur. It’s obviously a very special place with fascinating architecture. The choice of building materials is interesting, too – red sandstone and marble. I don’t think I’ve seen a building before in which those two have been used together. But then, I’ve never been to India, and it might be quite a usual combination there. Lovely photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kalki temple has escaped attention of even locals. But it’s relevance and history is important. it’s the only Temple of its kind in India; probably in the World, as well.
      Sand stone and marble both are locally found and used widely here as they allow carving, easily! Do plan a trip to Jaipur! You’ll love it. I’ll show you around. 🙂

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