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The haunted Bhangarh Fort – India’s most haunted?

Bhangarh Fort, located 90 Km away from Jaipur, is claimed to be India’s most haunted place.  Locals refer it as Bhangarh Ka Kila.  It takes close to 2 hours to reach Bhangarh Fort from Jaipur via Agra Highway and involves taking a detour from Dausa town. The road connecting Dausa to Bhangarh is not really in top condition, thereby reducing the speed on this 40 km stretch.

Inside Bhangarh Fort. Bhangarh palace can be seen in center.
bhangarh haunted place
Path leading to Palace inside Bhangarh Fort.
These Banyan trees seem to add to the mystery of Bhangarh Fort!

Bhangarh Fort ruins are surrounded by the Aravali hill ranges.The nearest human habitat is located approximately 5 kilometers from these ruins, in a village called Gola ka baas. This kind of adds to the Bhangarh Fort ghost stories.

Path leading to gates before Palace Bhangarh Fort

Upon entering the main gate of Bhangarh Fort, there is a temple on the right side. This temple is dedicated to Hanuman ji. There are many other temples in the Bhangarh complex. Religious rituals are performed in only few of these. In the rest, the deity is missing and are dysfunctional temples like Gopinath Temple.

Gopinath temple,Bhangarh Fort.

The first thing you notice when you enter Bhangarh Fort ruin is the row of unfinished shops of Jauhri Bazar. Roof is completely missing in these shops! As per popular Bhangarh Fort story it is a result of a magician’s curse. I’m not sure if this is true!

Bhangarh Fort ruins captured near Entrance gate. Bhangarh
bhangarh haunted place in India
ruins of Johari Bazar at Bhangarh Fort.

There is a popular story behind Bhangarh Fort but it’s hard to believe in absence of any strong evidence. The most popular one is about a curse by a Tantric and Ratnavati the princess of Bhangarh. Another story claims there were  gold mines in the vicinity and once the mining stopped (due to exhaustion of ore) the people decided to move out of the Bhangarh. It’s hard to believe this too, as this region is pretty strong in agriculture giving people little incentive to relocate. I will refrain from going into details of mystery of Bhangarh Fort as internet is replete with such stories.

This is information board affixed near the entrance of Bhangarh Fort by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India).

Inscription fixed by ASI at Bhangarh Fort.

The site is frequently visited by locals as well as tourists. Even on a weekday, locals outnumber tourists. You will also come across students and youngsters who come here to meet Bhangarh Fort Ghosts! Usually these are students from Jaipur, Alwar or Dausa.

Young guys enjoying the great weather and the views at Bhangarh palace inside Bhangarh Fort, Alwar, Rajasthan.
Isn’t it an amazing place for a selfie?? At Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort complex is well maintained by ASI. The lawns are well maintained too. You will not find any litter in the complex . Do note that toilet facility is almost absent in Bhangarh Fort complex.

Beautifully maintained lawns at Bhangarh Fort complex.
Overview of  Bhangarh Fort as seen from the Bhangarh Fort Palace
bhangarh rajasthan
Inside Bhangarh Fort.Path leading to the Bhangarh Palace

The Bhangarh fort is fortified with three different level of walls.

The 5 story Bhangarh Palace is the focal point of these ruins.

Palace inside Bhangarh Fort.
bhangarh fort
Greenery around   Bhangarh Fort.

On entering the palace section of Bhangarh Fort, one encounters a terrible stench. It is difficult to figure out the precise reason or origin, but one likely reason could be the bat droppings. Yes, there are lots of bats in the palace complex.

Inside Bhangarh Fort Palace. Level One

Once you cross this level, you reach the intermediate level. This  seems to be the main part of the palace which is evident from the architecture and the detailing on the stones. This entire level is in dilapidated condition.

Inside the Bhangarh Fort.Second level -Bhangarh Palace.
Inside Bhangarh Fort. Beautiful carved door stone frame
Bhangarh Fort Palace.Beautiful carved stone pillars
Inside Bhangarh Fort ruins. Bhangarh Palace
Inside Bhangarh Fort palace ruins.
Bhangarh Fort ruins.Perfect setting for paranormal activity?
Inside Bhangarh Fort Palace.ruins all around.
Bhangarh Fort ruins

In monsoon, the surrounding area is carpeted with green color.

There is a  temple in the center of this floor which now is in a ruined state.

bhangarh palace ruins
Temple inside Bhangarh Fort.
bhangarh rani ratnawati
Temple inside Bhangarh palace and signs of Black Magic practices!

It is not uncommon to find pieces of broken bangles, perfume, clothes, nail polish etc inside this temple indicating that people visit this place for witchcraft and occult practices. Many locals say that often many babas visit Bhangarh Fort during midnight to perform black magic. Visiting Bhangarh Fort after sunset is prohibited as per ASI board.

From this floor, you can have an expansive view of the surrounding area. It is being claimed that the floors beyond this level were completely destroyed and it seems convincing too. Bhangarh palace was supposedly a 7 story building. Here are few wide angle Bhangarh Fort images.

Bhangarh Haveli ruin can be seen in the center.
As seen from Bhangarh Palace, inside Bhangarh Fort.
haunted place in india bhangarh
Bhangarh palace and the surrounding hills.

Locals frequent Bhangarh Fort. It’s best to avoid Bhangarh on Sunday or any national holiday due to crowd. It’s bound to spoil your “Bhangarh Fort experience“.

Do keep in mind that food is not available in and around the Bhangarh Fort complex. May be you can buy packaged chips, biscuits and tit bits in few shops located in the nearby village… that’s it! There are no decent restaurants/ dhabas or eateries around the Bhangarh Fort. The lawns inside the complex  make for a  perfect picnic spot if the weather is pleasant and you are carrying the food basket with you! However, the ever present monkeys are a big deterrent! Don’t even attempt it!

Edit: Oct 2017-  Some restaurants and Dhabas have recently sprung up owing to large tourist influx. Hotel Raj Palace near Bhangarh Fort parking is probably the best around.

Though I can’t claim to have experienced anything paranormal in Bhangarh Fort but one gets a very eerie feeling out here….something that’s not normal and difficult to describe! People often claim to have captured Bhangarh fort ghost videos, which in my opinion are fake. So, you need to experience Bhangarh Fort yourself which is claimed to be most haunted place in India.

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Most haunted place in india. The Haunted Bhangarh Fort


171 thoughts on “The haunted Bhangarh Fort – India’s most haunted?

    1. Cathleen, it’s prohibited to stay overnight in Bhangarh. Some associate this with ghost activity, others with a general rule that’s followed in all other monuments. 🙂


  1. It’s impressive on how well this haunted and deserted fort is preserved. I have been to Jaipur but unfortunately didn’t have a lot of time so I didn’t go explore the Bhangarh fort. I would have liked to though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry, to hear that you couldn’t visit Bhangarh Joanna. Yes, the fort is preserved in a nice way, although Palace section is in bad conditions but then this must have happened over so many years. the restoration happened only few years ago, may be last 20-25 years or so. Thanks for reading the story and sharing your thoughts here Joanna.:)


  2. Jaipur is such a magical city. I was there last year and I fell in love with this place. What a breathtaking architecture! Love your post 🙂


  3. Excessive publicity about the haunted myth somewhat discouraged me from visiting it. However, from your pics it seems that even beyond that it is a beautiful complex with a lot of heritage. I will plan a visit, probably in the monsoons.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jitaditya, to the contrary, every time I have been to Bhangarh the tourists were no where around to be seen. That’s one thing which brings me back to Bhangarh, whenever opportunity presents. It’s a peaceful place. Do visit. 🙂


  4. The Hanuman temple reminded us of the impressive cenotaphs of Mandore gardens they have much similar architecture. Though in ruins the Bhangarh Fort seems to offer with some of the great views of the surrounding lush greens. We haven’t done much of Jaipur though some key attractions in city center. We definitely need to plan a trip soon to explore more of the marvels the pink city has to offer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll agree with you that Bhangarh offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. Most travelers are only able to explore the famed attractions due to paucity of time. But yes, there’s lot more to see and explore….even I’m exploring… 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your views. 🙂


  5. What beautiful architectural elements in these structures, Arv. But I am not brave enough for the eerie adventure. So glad to get a virtual tour from you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Fun with all the stories surrounding the place. I especially like to visit old forts and castle ruins. There is so much history connected to the sights. Just sitting on wall imagine how powerful the place once must have been, that is a feeling I really like. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I have not visited the place myself. This post, however, portrays a very real picture (along with the great pictures) of Bhangarh fort. Definitely triggered my curiosity and wish to visit it myself, to have the experience!

    Would love to read more about the history of this place..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy you liked this post. There isn’t much available on the history of Bhangarh Fort in terms of recorded data or history. That does add to the mystery of place. People are free to add their own versions. I will suggest you to visit this place to experience it. Try reaching early during the week; avoid weekends.Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. 🙂


    1. I just checked this place on google and it is really interesting and intriguing. Bhangarh is no match for this place since Khersones is much older and quite big. Have you ever been there? I guess now this is part of disputed and annexed land.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can’t say that Khersones is big, it is almost ruined now so it is quite hard to measure the size of this place. I’ve been there once when I was 15 years old, and yeah, now this land is annexed by Russia :

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Do you think you could have visited it at night? Is it allowed. I believe Rocky and Mayur had this show where they would visit the most haunted places in India. It was spooky. I don’t think I could have visited this place. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have met people who have tried at night. But not sure of their claims!
      Its illegal to visit or stay post 5pm. I think you must visit it once during daytime Cheryl

      Liked by 1 person

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