Jaipur Sunrise | The Left & The Right

Unlike other Fridays, where I post a picture of the Sun – usually a sunrise shot, this time I have decided to cut out the Sun altogether and capture something else. Its an experiment to shift away from the Sun, which is the most dominant factor in the Sunrise.

Here are three pictures, which were clicked on an early morning hiking trail in Jaipur nearGhat ki Guni tunnel. These pictures have been framed on either side of the Sun – Left, and Right !! The Sun is missing by choice!

A different perspective! The left side of the sunrise.
Little more zoom in, yet staying towards the left of the Sun! overlooking 4 lane Highway towards Agra, atop Ghat ki Guni tunnel, Jaipur.
Focusing on the right side of the Sun! Chulgiri Jain temple towers over the Agra Highway on one side and Ghat ki Guni tunnel on the other!

The “potent” orange-yellow sun rays continued to dominate the sky, despite cutting out the Sun! Was it really worth cutting out the Sun? In my opinion – Not really!

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9 thoughts on “Jaipur Sunrise | The Left & The Right

    1. nice2beme….It’s true! when you love something you have a different “angle” to it! 😉
      I can see you love your country too…I’m impressed with you pictures! Any other name, I can address you with?

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