2015/Reflections-Favorite Images from 2015

As we move forward in 2016, let me share few  images out of 565 Images that were uploaded by me on this blog in 2015!

I’m also sharing links to the posts, where these pictures were featured. You can click these link to navigate to the full post.

great wall of amer palace jaipur
The great wall of Amer!

This picture represents calm and tranquility! This is splendid place to watch Sun rise in the sky, on a perfect day! Click here

haunted place in india bhangarh
Bhangarh Fort

The above picture shows the wide angle view of Bhangarh Fort Palace. I have been to Bhangarh multiple times. Given an option, I would visit Bhangarh again! Click here

Dust storm!

Harsh & scorching summer Sun pales dues to Sand Storm. Click here

jaipur market
Milk seller in Doodh Mandi

This milk seller was quite reluctant to pose for a picture!I had to use a story to get this picture. Click here

Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur facade
Beautiful Facade of Brij Nidhi Temple Jaipur

This facade bears strong resemblance to the Hawa Mahal architecture. Who can guess that there’s a beautiful temple behind this facade? Click here

Brij Nidhi Temple

Of all the temples of Lord Krishna in Jaipur, this idol impressed me the most! At Brij Nidhi Temple! Click here

Blue hour at Amer

If you can resist the temptation of sleeping till late, you can be rewarded suitably with such views! Click here

amer fort
Amer Palace

No other UNESCO heritage sites has impressed me with architecture like Amer Palace, which employs Rajput and Mughal Architecture style. Click here

chaturbhuj temple jaipur
Beautiful arches & column of Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur

Though less frequented but it has amazing wall paintings, the beautiful Chaturbhuj Temple. Click here

Monkey in walled city

These monkeys have strong relationship with the walled city area of Jaipur. Click here


Sunrise at hills surrounding Jaipur! Click here

Locals in their traditional clad attire in Pushkar Fair camps located near the Pushkar stadium.

This picture captures the true essence of Pushkar and rural folks! At Pushkar fair. Click here

jaipur hikers

Nature is great place to get energized – every time! Hiking in the vicinity. Click here

about jaipur
Hawa Mahal

How can I forget the symbol of Jaipur? Hawa Mahal!

I have restricted above pictures to handful, spread across different categories.

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71 thoughts on “2015/Reflections-Favorite Images from 2015

    1. Umesh! None of my pictures are altered -just contrast correction, that’s it! I don’t use Photoshop or Lightroom- I don’t have time or inclination!! A large number of pictures are clicked with super zoom compact camera rather than DSLR!! Thanks for appreciating pictures…

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      1. There is no doubt that this place is beautiful, but Iran is interesting and amazing too! One of the least explored countries in recent years. keep posting more for us all here!

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