Kids In Amer | Child Photography Ideas

Amer town located at a distance of 11 Km from Jaipur is famous for the UNESCO world heritage site Amer Fort. Amer town predates Jaipur as the capital of the Dhundhar region.Β I captured the following pictures in Amer town during one of my visits. I don’t know why I chose to frame these two pictures. I guess I liked the innocence of kids and the purity of their character. I saw these kids playing near the Anokhi Museum. I pulled up my camera and framed these shots.

Kids in Amer town, Jaipur.

As I composed these pictures the kids were happy to be clicked and smiled. It’s not always the case with grown-ups who question motives behind photographing them.


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How to photograph kids is a popular question. So what are ideas for child photography? The best way is to make them feel comfortable and start an interesting conversation. You must click pictures by seeking their permission. Do tell them they look cute and show your pictures. Ask them what they think of this picture.Β  Do you have any good child photography ideas to share?




28 thoughts on “Kids In Amer | Child Photography Ideas

  1. What pure innocence! You’re right about photos of kids . I myself never take photos of kids and put them up on my blogs and get mad as hell when people put up pix of my grandchildren

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    1. Peter… the issue in India is not about posting pictures on internet. The issue is people doubt your motives behind clicking, even though most Indians are happy with getting themselves clicked. But there are some people who won’t appreciate if prior permission is not sought. In this case, seeking a permission would have meant missing an opportunity to capture emotions and innocence. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Argus.. although it’s a challenge to photograph kids but these two young boys were happy to be clicked. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for checking it out and commenting.

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