Morning scenes from Jaipur | Street Photography

I have clicked many pictures during the morning hours in Jaipur. Here are a couple of pictures from my previous Jaipur photo walks.


Off to School! young girl on way to school in Amer town, near Jaipur.

Here is a picture of a girl on way to the school, captured in front of the famous Jagat Shiromani temple in Amer town, near Jaipur.

The following picture was shot at the elevated road popularly referred to as Ajmer road. It’s unusual to find low traffic on this busy road except in the morning.

Low traffic on one of the arterial roads of Jaipur during morning hours.

This elevated road was launched a few years ago and it links the city to the national highway leading to the Mumbai; It’s called Jaipur-Ajmer expressway.

Flower sellers at Choti Chaupar, near Hawa Mahal,  Jaipur.

You’ll have to excuse me for posting a slightly blurred picture of the flower sellers. While capturing this image on a busy walkway a pedestrian pushed me causing a blurred capture; I did not realize it until I saw it on the computer screen! With low light in early morning hours, it does get tricky in such situations! The flower sellers are busy setting up their shop for the day; morning is quite busy for them as there’s a lot of work to be done.

Flower sellers have been selling flowers at this place for many years and it’s a well-marked site for buying flowers. There are many temples around and usually, devotees stop by to buy the flowers on way to the temple. Of all the flowers being sold here, Marigold is the most prominent one.

Elephant on way to elephant stand at Amer, Jaipur.

Elephant ride at Amer palace is very popular among the tourists. In the above picture, the elephant is on way to the Amer palace elephant stand. The elephant rides in Amer start around 8 AM  but you see elephants arriving at the Amer elephant stand by 7.30 AM.

Early morning exercise at Central Park, Jaipur.


Central Park in Jaipur is very popular among the morning walkers and runners alike with its 4.5 Km jogging track. Apart from runners and walkers, you can spot many people performing the exercise, stretching,  pranayama, and yoga. You can find a few sitting on the bench;  catching up & chatting with their friends. Each to his own!

Here are few pictures capturing the morning scene from the posts which have already appeared in the past.

Morning Aarti (prayer) at Govind Devji Temple draws a huge crowd. Click here to read this post.

Admiration and devotion at Govind Devji Temple during morning prayer, Jaipur


Watching the Amer Palace ( Amber Fort as some call it) during the early morning is quite an experience; so blissful. Click here to read this post.

Soaking up the views of Amer palace in the morning, near Jaipur


What do you think of this picture? Click here to read this post.

Twilight hours near Jaipur.

The hustle-bustle at Doodh Mandi/ wholesale Milk market during morning hours. Click here to read this post.

doodh mandi
Doodh Mandi/ Milk Market of Jaipur during the morning

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This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning. Check out previous posts on Weekly Photo ChallengeClick here

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27 thoughts on “Morning scenes from Jaipur | Street Photography

    1. Thank You for appreciating and commenting. There have been many discsussions regarding putting an end to elephant rides. unfortunately if these rides were to end, there will be no way to feed them; elephant owners will have no means to support elephant. I don’t know what would be right thing to do. I personally liked the picture of girl going to school as well. thanks once again for commenting. 🙂

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    1. If you haven’t been to Jaipur in last few years, you’ll find lot of changes for city is growing by leaps and bound. today the city spans 25 km North to south and likewise in other direction. The walled city area is still the same except the ongoing metro project. BTW when did you last visit?

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    1. Sandhya… Jaipur has a unique blend of modern with traditional world. I can’t claim to do justice with things around…there’s much more than these few pictures! 🙂
      Thank You for your kind words and for sharing your views!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course there’s lot more to explore if you like offbeat….and shopping! I would like to share with you that I meet so many bloggers who love Jaipur. Probably, some of you will have to tell me what aspect you like about Jaipur. For a person like me who resides here, I have a different perspective than a visitor or tourist.

        Liked by 1 person

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