sunrise in jaipur shrouded by clouds friday skywatch jaipurthrumylens

Shrouded Sunrise In Jaipur

Had it ever occurred to you ….so many things in our life are all shrouded?… Uncertain?

The people around us… our future… friends….the situations?

thursday tree love sunrise in jaipur skywatch friday
There’s a lot that’s hidden, around us. Friday Skywatch

Known people or friends might sometimes behave in an inconsistent way.

Our relatives might give us a cold shoulder when we need them, the most.

Our efforts and investments might not fetch us the returns, we expected.

Everything around us is so uncertain…….

Who knows if we will get to see the sunrise, tomorrow?

But I also think that there’s some divine force around us. A force that makes the things tick….and happen.

What do you think?

sunrise in jaipur shrouded by clouds friday skywatch jaipurthrumylens
The Sunrise, trees, clouds, and a temple. Skywatch Friday

The picture above triggered these thoughts. Shot earlier this week.

Posted for Skywatch Friday.

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48 thoughts on “Shrouded Sunrise In Jaipur

      1. I totally agree. Though we all crave certainty, but 100% predictability will not live place for excitement or wonder. Yes, that would be boring. And it is not! Hard and puzzling at times, but not boring :)))

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      2. I don’t agree bc we can be happy and we know that 😉 there are needs for security and novelty which is not security – at once. I believe the balance is possible:)

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  1. A very philosophical view at things and the uncertainty of life. I loved how the shadows force the light in the pics to shine even more, jsut like the hope in yur words. Beautiful!

    On another note, I just nominated you for a Story Tag. Please check it out on kmy current blog post on my website. Thank you 🙂

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    1. I have found out that not every one is inclined for such interpretations….quite like how not everyone can understand poetry or art!
      While its true that this picture provoked these thoughts, the entire setting is kind of comforting too. Just look at how the Sun shines over a temple, as if its announcing the presence of the divine power. What do you think?
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. 🙂

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    1. Happy to hear your views, Parul.
      While everyone will interpret the same picture in their own way, these were my first thoughts looking at the entire setting. I was just wondering if the Sun is shining over this temple to announce the presence of the divine power? ….
      Happy to join your weekly feature Parul. I also love trees and nature. 🙂

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  2. Uncertainty is all around us. Today’s post makes that very clear. A secular and depressing statement is: The only things certain are taxes and death. But you are pointing to the divine as a source of hope and consequently of spiritual certainty. That is the part I like in your blog. Thank you, arv!

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    1. Thanks for inspiring, Meena. Although what I wrote was not with a negative “flavor” but I guess you are a better judge. These were just the random thoughts looking at the landscape. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. 🙂

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  3. I believe that its all in our mind, what we create with our thoughts. Nothing is permanent and at times the unknown comes in at a bit scary, yet that is the beauty not always knowing.

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    1. Well said. Predictability makes it boring. As for its all in mind, that’s true too. Its all how we “bake” it in our mind. Thanks for sharing your views. 🙂


  4. I am so sure somewhere somebody is watching. We can’t name the entity, but something powerful enough to lay down the route ahead of us 🙂 would be writing on my personal experience soon Arv😊 Lovely click and a very valid question raised !

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  5. You’re right. Everything around us is so uncertain. Like you, I also firmly believe that a “divine force around us. A force that makes the things tick….and happen.” Great thought-provoking post! 🙂

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