Driving Trip/ Tal Chappar Black Buck wildlife Sanctuary

Tal Chappar is one of the lesser known Wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Tal Chappar WLS is one of the few sanctuaries meant for protection of Black Bucks. It makes for a great getaway from Jaipur since it’s located merely 220 Km.

I recommend it for wildlife enthusiasts and explorers since the facilities for tourists are missing. It can be done in a full day trip too. Best visited during winter season.

Curated Experiences & Impressions!

On a cold February morning, we started off from Jaipur towards Tal ChapparWildlife Sanctuary. Earlier, driving inside the sanctuary was not permitted but now itโ€™s possible by paying an entry fee for the vehicle. Driving trips are something that I look forward to. It definitely adds to the excitement of traveling.

Tal Chapparwild life sanctuary black bucks rajasthan A capture from Tal Chappar Wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan, exclusively reserved for the Black bucks

Tal Chappar is relatively lesser known wildlife sanctuary in India. However, thatโ€™s not the case among the wildlife and birding enthusiasts, since it is the only wildlife sanctuary reserved for the Black Bucks.

Sunrise black bucks tal chappar wildlife sanctuary Black Bucks at Tal chappar. This picture was captured by a friend whoโ€™s wildlife and birding enthusiast.

Tal Chappar sujangarh tehsil rajasthan The Indian Savannah- Tal Chappar, Rajasthan

Tal Chappar is close to 220 Km from Jaipur, located close to Sujangarh, a major town in the vicinity in Churu district in Rajasthan. A popularโ€ฆ

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41 thoughts on “Driving Trip/ Tal Chappar Black Buck wildlife Sanctuary

  1. I haven’t heard of this Sanctuary Arv, thanks for sharing those lovely pictures and the description. Those hues of the sun, with black bucks posing for your friend is a rare one…the most amazing! Now I am hopping over to read the rest of the post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Its a very small WLS. Although I have been there multiple times over the years, it’s slowly becoming popular among wildlife enthusiasts. do you like visiting national parks or sanctuaries?

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  2. hi so i want to ask you which is the nearby town where you can stay? i tried going to the sanctuary from mandawa once but locals there didn’t know about it… n then i read somewhere that entry tickets are available only at the gate not online…

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    1. Shweta, the nearest town is Sujangarh. Its a small town so don’t expect much, very basic lodging near railway station. Mandawa will be little distant. Its a very small sanctuary unlike bigger ones like Ranthambore or Corbett so it’s not online. Which city do reside in? Let me recommend the best option.


    1. Maniparna this sanctuary is becoming quite popular of late among birders since it attracts many rare migratory birds. So may be in few years it’ll be very popular.

      Yes that’s my other blog… not new! Been there for quite sometime but don’t find time to write often. There’s so much to write though. Did you have a look at it?

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