Guarding Travel To My Elephant |Albert Hall Museum

This picture was shot at the Albert Hall museum during the “Travel to my Elephant” Exhibition for Wordless Wednesday.

Travel to my Elephant is a fundraising event organized in India every year by the UK based agency and involves travel across India in painted auto-rickshaws with the aim of raising awareness on saving elephants. It is organized in a manner similar to the famous and epic – Rickshaw Run by another UK based company.

Guard looks on! At Travel to my Elephant exhibition at Albert hall museum, Jaipur

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19 thoughts on “Guarding Travel To My Elephant |Albert Hall Museum

    1. I do agree but I feel such events are dressed as charity and fund raising for a cause whereas they are money making organisations. I wonder how a rickshaw race will help conserve elephants? For that we need real efforts and not these sort of events.

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    1. I’m not sure if they are actually contributing anything towards the cause. Many such organisations are actually collecting huge sum of money but donating only a miniscule percentage of towards listed cause. They create huge publicity in media whereas in reality they are for profit organisations. Personally, I don’t trust such events.

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      1. Thank you for the clarification, dear Arv! Here in Canada too we have to be careful where our donations are going. Some pretend to help poor country with much needed supplies. But much is eaten up by so-called administrative costs. Thanks again for the clarification!

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      2. Thanks for the input, Peter. I’m more worried about the “for-profit” organizations which try to garner money by sympathy! Tax and costs are still okay but misrepresenting..that’s bad!

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