Derelict Jaipur Haveli | Street Photography

Sitting silently in one of the bylanes of old Jaipur city area is this old Haveli. So many people pass by hardly noticing its presence. In a lane full of houses, this is the only facade that retains its original look. The residents claim that locality is as old as Jaipur- 300 years! Presumably, the Haveli is 200 or 250 years old. Who knows?



The building is in a ruinous state nevertheless continues to provide shelter its residents. As I watched this building and clicked these pictures, I was puzzled with two contrasting thoughts. Should we celebrate the fact that this building retains its authentic architecture or piqued with the fact that it is suffering a lingering death?


At that moment there was another thought flashing my mind. Very likely, the residents don’t possess enough resources for the upkeep of the building. Money, a reason why conventional building structures in the vicinity were razed for new construction to provide the residents with modern facilities. It is an irony and reveals two sides of a coin. It is excellent old has survived but for how long? I fail to resolve this question.


On a first glance, the hand cart parked vertically in front of the entrance looks like an eye-sore. But on a different level, you realize that this “eye-sore” gives this building its character – Identity and also a kind of a prop adding to its architecture.

What do you think?

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