amer driver

Waiting For The Customers At Amer Fort

On a cold winter morning, I was waiting in the car parking for a friend in front of the Amer Fort. A driver caught my eyes who was waiting to ferry the tourists up to the fort in his jeep. There was something striking about his dress and pose. Because of cold, he had wrapped up a muffler around his face, exposing just his eyes.

amer driver

I wondered why he wasn’t wearing a jacket to keep himself warm? I’m not sure, probably, his pocket didn’t allow him to buy one? Or maybe he thought he wouldn’t need one once the sun came up.  He was strolling anxiously for the customers. Most Indian tourists prefer to take a jeep to the Amer Fort rather than walking up the stairs. Foreign travelers on the other hand love to experience the elephant ride. In the above picture, you can see a row of taxi jeeps parked behind the driver waiting for the customers.

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