Dal Baati Churma in Jaipur


Dal Baati Churma in Jaipur at Khole Ke Hanuman ji Temple Prasadi

Whenever someone mentions Rajasthani cuisine, Dal Baati Churma  or Daal Baati Churma rates very high on the list. Completely vegetarian even though it’s pretty heavy for the digestion system, as it’s prepared and served liberally using ghee/ oil. It’s a popular choice for picnics during monsoon season, called Goth/ Gauth among the locals.

It’s not easy to find a good place to have one in Jaipur. Dal Baati Churma sold commercially in the city is no match for the real taste.
So where can you find a good place to have Dal Baati Churma in Jaipur?  Tough question! Authentic  Dal Baati Churma is supposedly prepared by cooks expert in this cuisine. Of late, its restricted to the wedding ceremonies or prasadi  in temples. In fact, some shops in the walled city area of Jaipur sell only materials required for the preparation of Dal Baati Churma. They even arrange specialist cooks required to prepare Dal Baati Churma. Tradition demands that Dal Baati Churma be served in plate made of dried leaves as shown in the picture, it’s called Pattal. You can find more information here. Seen in the above picture 2 variants of Baati along with a variant of Churma, Dal and Gatte ki Sabzi. Gatte Ki Sabzi is commonly served in Rajasthan along with Baati. Together, they make a great combination.

You are unlikely to find good places in Jaipur where you can walk in and treat yourself with delicious  Dal Baati Churma. The above picture was clicked during  dinner timePlace – Khol ke Hanumanji temple; famous for the Dal Baati Churma prasadi in Jaipur.( The above picture was clicked with a smartphone, under the low light condition) 

Here is another picture of Daal Baati Churma at a Prasadi in Samode village.

Dal Baati Churma curry rajasthani cuisine in jaipur
Dal Baati Churma, the most famous vegetarian Rajasthani Cuisine.

Seen in the above picture- 3 types of Churma and two types of Baati along with Dal and Kadi or Curry. It’s quite usual in all such Prasdadis to be served with three or four variants of Churma like Gehun, Bajara, badaam, rose etc and two or three variants of Baati like saada (plain) Baati, Mewa Baati and  Masala Baati.

Have you ever had Dal Baati? If yes, do share your experience in the comments below.

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42 thoughts on “Dal Baati Churma in Jaipur

      1. Glasgow now one of best place in UK for Indian food. I discovered it in the late 1960s when there were only 2 Indian restaurants in the city . Now there must be hundreds. ( some better than others!) . I cook it a lot at home too. I love my spice cupboard!

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    1. The kitchen at this temple is expert at Dal baati churma. This is one of the most authentic ones you’ll ever come across in Jaipur. The chef in hotels are expert at presentation and can never match the taste, for they haven’t prepared or practiced enough to warrant the same taste.

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      1. Yha i knw, can’t argue on this, have experienced the same, even found of it’s authentic taste so much that miss when i get guest from out of Rajasthan and not able to take them there for dining.

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  1. I wish to have that dish one day. First I have heard about that dish in a movie. Then searched for the recipe. it seems little bit complicated and lengthy process so I have not cooked it yet. I wish someday I’ ll visit rajasthan and have it.

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    1. The preparation for dal and baati is quite simple but making churma is another thing. Why don’t you try baati with gatta? it taste great. For making baati though you need tandoor or the sigdi -charcoal combo. I have heard from many people that you can enjoy dal baati in many dhaba around udaipur although I can’t verify that.


      1. Tina! If i’m not wrong South Carolina seems to be blessed with natural beauty! I’m sure you’ll love your travel in India, whenever that happens! 🙂


    1. Divya! I too love this one, the only thing I don’t like is the guilty feeling of a being a glutton… ‘Post mortem ‘. Divya I am not into cooking so you’ll have to rely on google. tons of sites,I assume. actually it’s quite easy except churma. the ingredients are simple, but great taste? Well it has to be made in traditional style if possible using coal. If not use whatever resources you have. Btw, baati and gatte ke sabzi is awesome combination!

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