Curious Life Coffee Roasters/ Best place for coffee in Jaipur


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Curious Life Coffee and Roasters, a cafe located in a quiet part of C scheme in Jaipur, (close to the Deer park) is barely  few months old but it’s popularity is soaring by the day even though it’s visibility from the road is quite subdued and understated. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would simply drive past this cafe without noticing it’s presence.

picture of curious life coffee roasters c scehme near deer park jaipur
Facade of Curious Life Coffee Roasters, C Scheme, Jaipur

The first thing that hits you upon entering this cafe  is the wonderful aroma of coffee. The whiff of coffee acts like “appetizer”!!

Coffee “flowchart” at Curious Life Coffee, Jaipur

The size of cafe is at best reasonable, with a mix of indoor and outdoor seating space. Ambiance of the cafe is  warm & inviting, with  muted dark colors on the upholstery.

Inside view of Curious Life Coffee Roasters, Jaipur
warm and inviting interiors of Curious Life Coffee, Jaipur
Outdoor seating at Curious Life Coffee Roasters, Jaipur makes for a lovely place to enjoy your coffee barring the summer months.

What makes Curious life coffee unique vis-a-vis other cafe?

Freshly roasted coffee and option to choose the origin of coffee beans is offered  only by Curious Life Coffee  (CLC) in Jaipur. Add to that, option of different  brewing methods and the fact that the owner of CLC  is a coffee aficionado makes it a difficult combination to replicate by other cafes.

Coffee beans by origin, at Curious Life Coffee, jaipur


At the time of my visit, Curious Life Coffee was sourcing coffee beans from India’s best coffee growing regions namely, Chickmanglur, Coorg etc. They even offer fresh roasted coffee for you to pick up. The cafe also sells various apparatus required to make coffee at home…only quality products though! So in a way, they offer  lot more than simply a cup of coffee!

curious life coffee roasters jaipur review jaipurthumylens
Buy your coffee and brewing apparatus at Curious Life Coffee Roasters, Jaipur
Roasting machine, unique to Curious Life Coffee.

The person behind Curious Life Coffee, Mr Neeraj has spent many years in Indian army. His love of coffee shows when he  prepares fresh coffee for his customers, right from the grinding process to pouring it into the cup! He’ll choose origin of  coffee beans and brewing method – french press or pour over,  based on your coffee preferences

“Coffee with love” anyone?


Order Instructions! Curious Life Coffee Roasters, Jaipur

On the flip side, the cafe serves limited items, specially items to munch. While this is a  general perception, I guess this allows them to focus on delivering whatever they are best at. If you prefer you can click here to look at their menu on Zomato.

As for the prices, it’s at par with other cafe in it’s category.


Cookies, perfect with a cup of coffee. At Curious Life Coffee, Jaipur
best coffee in jaipur curious life coffee c scheme jaipurthrumylens
Cake anyone? Curious Life Coffee, Jaipur


Curious Life Coffee Roasters cafe, Jaipur


Jaipur has many cafes and new ones keep springing up every few months, even then Curious Life Coffee Roaster  has created a niche for itself. They know their coffee well…inside out!   While the other cafes churn out “me too” coffee cups which are hard to differentiate between, this cafe stands apart.

This cup of coffee looks great! At Curious Life Coffee, Jaipur

Given it’s popularity, it’s hard to find space to sit during peak time and on holidays.

For an average person in Jaipur, cup of  coffee is not a big deal….”they’re all the same” they say! For a tea drinking city, finding a perfect cup of coffee is surely a big deal. If you’re a coffee loving person, it’s must try place in Jaipur. 

Must Visit! 

Rating: 4/5

Address: Curious Life Coffee Roasters, P 25, Yudhisthir Marg, Near Deer Park, C Scheme, Jaipur. Phone No: +91 9828913119

(This is not a sponsored/paid post ) 

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25 thoughts on “Curious Life Coffee Roasters/ Best place for coffee in Jaipur

    1. Thanks Nicole! I too love these standalone cafes. They help us with the choices we need,something that chain cafe are really bad at. Chain cafe works with ideology that all customers are same or certain stereotypes. Another thing that they are not good at, making things in ‘industrial style ‘.

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    1. I have never seen a flowchart anywhere else, in a coffee shop. I think flowchart is supposed to make things easier for people to understand. This chart does that well; you know what Coffee you need to order. Thanks Peter!


      1. Oh! never knew about that. Zomato does have option of linking your blog post on their page. Are you aware?
        Thanks for updating me on Yelp! appreciate it… 🙂

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