Best Cafes, Restaurants, & Lounges In Jaipur | A Locals’ Take

Often, people reach out to me for suggestions on the best cafes, rooftop lounge bars, & restaurants in Jaipur to visit. Jaipur is experiencing mushrooming of cafes, rooftop lounges, & restaurants with new ones opening every week or two during the last few years. Even though I try and explore new cafes frequently, I find very few are worth a visit. In most cases, it turns out to be a “failed experiment.” Newbies tend to focus a lot more on decor and ambiance but fail in hospitality or delivering good food consistently. Invariably, I fall back on the tried and tested restaurants & cafes. This blog on the best places to eat in Jaipur is collated from my multiple visits. You will also find a compilation of the most popular restaurants, cafes, and rooftop lounges in Jaipur at the end of the post. Do note that in my opinion, these are not worthy enough but they continue to enjoy the patronage of the locals.


In my opinion, these are the best Cafes and restaurants in Jaipur. This list of food joints is based on the quality & consistency of food, popularity, overall experience, and USP.

Best Cafes in Jaipur

Cafe White Sage

Cafe White Sage is a new offering from the Meraaki Kitchen team. Alien to this part of the world, white sage is typically used in ceremonies and to get rid of negative energy or spirits in the western hemisphere. Some even use white sage as incense or seasoning in recipes. I have a little clue why the promoters chose this name but it does sound well for a cafe. The underlying theme is sustainability and wholesome food; using organic produce is, therefore, a logical progression. The offerings at Cafe White Sage are all vegetarian which in my opinion is a good step considering the fact that there is a big movement across the world towards vegan food. It is in stark contrast with the local trend. A lot many outlets in Jaipur are offering non-vegetarian cuisines which defy traditional preference of vegetarian fare. In any case, the state of mindfulness aligns better with vegetarianism.


The food at Cafe White Sage is experimentative and most of the offerings on the menu are not run-of-the-mill stuff. It is worth trying something new on every visit. The outlet offers both open-to-the-sky and indoor seating.


Anokhi Cafe

Even though the largest customer base of Anokhi Cafe is the buyers and travelers, it has a niche following among the locals. Anokhi Cafe offers a limited but choicest menu. Some of its offerings are unique and unmatched.


It offers organic, vegetarian, and vegan options; some of its pastries and cakes do have eggs in its ingredients. In terms of pricing, it is a tad on the higher side but worth every penny; the serving portions are large. It is one of the cafes in Jaipur with organic coffee.


What to try at Anokhi Cafe Do try burgers, bagels, salads, cakes, and pastries at Anokhi Cafe.


Curious Life Coffee Roasters

Coffee lovers swear by Curious Life Coffee Roasters for it is rated as the best place for coffee in Jaipur! It is challenging to find seating space in the newly opened bigger outlet of Curious Life Coffee Roasters. Their menu has been tweaked quite a bit to offer more things to eat but even then people visit this place for one thing – coffee. The owner of this cafe is a coffee lover and his mission is to deliver the most excellent coffee in Jaipur.


What to try at Curious Life Coffee Roasters? Choose from their hand-picked single-origin beans and method of brew – french press, pour-over, or Aero press.


Tapri Central

What made a humble beginning with a small outlet in Lal Kothi has provided a renewed impetus to the tea culture in Jaipur. Tapri ensures tea lovers have a cafe-like experience. Before Tapri, drinking coffee was considered cool and tea was reserved for the previous generation. Tapri redefined the equation.

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So what makes Tapri popular? A rooftop with a great view of Jaipur Central Park, consistent taste, a central location, and a break from the “me-too” cafes. Over the years it has become a bit pricy, but that never deters its patrons. On the other hand, some feel Tapri Central is over-hyped.

A view of Central Park from Tapri Central


What to try at Tapri Central? Tapri Central is the best place for breakfast in Jaipur with a broad choice on the Indian menu. These are all-time favorites among patrons- Poha, Aaloo Parantha, Dal Pakwaan, Vada Pao, Bun Maska, and Kala Chana. It is never a bad idea to have Adrak/Ginger or Masala Tea. Also worth trying hand-beaten coffee.


On The House Bistro & Bakers Jaipur

On The House or OTH C-Scheme has carved out a niche for itself in Jaipur with an early mover advantage. So what makes OTH so special? The ambiance, adherence to the standards, and prominent location make it a popular choice. It has an inviting cozy dim-lit setting. The bonus is open to sky outdoor and semi-closed seating spaces for smokers. Even on a weekday, it is buzzing with its patrons.


What to sample at OTH? Pizza, Alio Olio pasta, chocolate pastries & cakes. OTH pastries and cakes are one of the best in Jaipur. I also recommend its selection of coffee, especially Bombon.

Cafe BAE

Cafe Bae used to be an immensely popular cafe in Jaipur. It is one of the few late-night cafes in Jaipur. Most Jaipur cafes close at 11 PM, and Cafe Bae offers a breather to those who wish to enjoy late-night outings. Consistency in delivering quality is the reason for me to include Cafe Bae on this list. However, lately, the place seems to have lost the vibe it used to have in the pre-pandemic days.


What to try at Cafe Bae? Belgian Dark Chocolate pastry and Hot Chocolate are the best in town and so are the Pull-a-part bread and shakes. Cafe Bae Sunday brunches are considered the best in Jaipur because they offer immense value.


Also worth mentioning here is the cafe runs a 1 + 1 scheme on pastries after 9 PM. There are some riders attached to it. On the flip side, Cafe Bae is one of the most expensive cafes in Jaipur.


Napoli Pizzeria & Bistro

Napoli is the only place in Jaipur serving Neapolitan-style pizza.


For those who don’t know what it is, here is a small primer. Naples in Italy is considered to be the birthplace of pizza; there are people who feel it is not true. Neapolitan-style pizza is considered to be one of the most authentic Italian pizzas and is usually served with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. The pizza made in Naples is made with flour, yeast, water, and salt; these are not very thin in comparison to the ones served elsewhere in Italy.


While one can’t experience what is being served in L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, or Pizzeria Di Matteo in Naples. This is the closest one can get here in Jaipur. However, I do wish they serve a slightly larger size than they currently do. Things to try in Napoli? Margarita Pizza and Pastas. Another good alternative to Napoli pizza is Cafe Cornerstone in C-Scheme. I definitely recommend the ultimate pizza and Quattro Formaggi pizza at Cafe Cornerstone.


Brot Company

To sum up the Brot Company in a straightforward way, it is a Zolocrust alternative. The people behind Brot Co. have worked in Zolocrust before venturing on their own. The bread is one of their specialty, one of the best in Jaipur, especially croissants. The menu options are not exhaustive just like Zolocrust, but it is unlikely that you would regret ordering. Brot Company is worth a visit. Things I recommend are pizzas, cake, pastries, coffee, and shakes. The noodles can definitely be improved. I do wish they were more environmentally conscious; everything is served in plastic disposable materials.


Cafe Magnolia

Cafe Magnolia is set in a scenic location on the edge of Smriti Van and Officers Training Station (OTS) on JLN Marg. Smriti Van is a vast forest land in the heart of the city. An established place among morning walkers for its rustic natural landscape. The cafe is set in a ditch created by the historic 1981 floods of Jaipur. The seating capacity of the cafe is one of its strengths, offering both indoor and outdoor seating. The cafe has pretty interiors; nothing unusual or quirky, something that everyone will appreciate. The owners of the cafe already run two popular cafes – Cafe Lazy Mojo and Kaleidoscope. This undoubtedly assists them to get things right when it comes to menu curation, food quality, and prices. Among the few things I suggest are the chocolate truffle, Nutella pastry, and potato wedges. The value proposition is great. It is one of the contemporary cafes that I definitely recommend. 


Town Coffee

Town coffee has three outlets in Jaipur- C-SchemeMalviya Nagar, and Vaishali Nagar. However, the most favored one seems to be the one in C Scheme. The cafe is always buzzing with youth. Its location, interiors, and vibe are what invite everyone. The food and value proposition is average. The interiors seem to be inspired by Curious Life Coffee Roasters. What adds to its popularity is a supermarket next door- The Market. 


Cafe Cornerstone

venture of the feast by Pallavi Daga, Cafe Cornerstone is her newest addition. Pallavi Daga is well-known in Jaipur for her bakery and outdoor catering. The new cafe in C Scheme has become a popular venue for people to host dinner and birthday parties. One can find many new and unique items being offered by Cafe Cornerstone. Some of the items I recommend are Sakshuka, Sun-dried Neopolitan-style pizza, Pindi Chola Bhatura, and Bajra Jhal Muri


Best Restaurants in Jaipur

Meraaki Kitchen

I have written a complete post on Meraaki Kitchen as I explored this place soon after it opened. Meraaki Kitchen has created a niche for itself and is one of the most successful food outlets to open in recent years.

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What makes this place special? It is one of the best fine-dining vegetarian restaurants in Jaipur, a rarity looking at the trend of mushrooming cafes in the city. The restaurant offers classic cuisine with a twist – fusion food.

What to try at Meraaki Kitchen? The Naaniza, Khaosuey, Pav Bhaji Fondue, and a melting chocolate ball.


Zolocrust at Hotel Clarks Amer

Zolocrust has created a niche client base for itself and is in a different league when it comes to food. Despite being pricy it continues to attract food lovers; the food quality and taste are outstanding. It’s a 24-hour cafe which means one can simply walk at any time of the day. With tenebrous interiors devoid of the crowd, it makes for an excellent place to dine with your chosen ones. Zolocrust is a self-serve outlet. The Zolocrust patrons swear by its super crispy thin pizzas. Some even rate it as the most delicious pizza in Jaipur. The chocolate shakes are at par with the best in Belgium.


What to try at Zolocrust? Bagel, Mexicana pizza, The Roasted Veggie Pizza, Yasai Yaki Udon Noodles, Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Shakes, and Gianduja Chocolate Marquise.



RJ14, patterned in a Punjabi Dhaba style, was always packed with a minimum of an hour waiting during the initial months of its launch. I visited RJ14 twice soon after but failed to find a seating space! This is one of the places that offer “Desi-style” North Indian food.


So what makes RJ14 so popular? Vegetarian food remains a mainstay among the locals. Most new cafes have moved on to offering non-vegetarian cuisine. There is no denying that Indian vegetarian food is popular on family dining trips in Jaipur. Consistent food quality and affordable prices are a recipe for success! RJ14 is one of the popular vegetarian restaurants in Jaipur.



Best lounges & party Places in Jaipur

Shikaar Bagh

Despite not having consistent food experience during visits, Shikaar Bagh rates high among youngsters. The reason? It offers a great ambiance.


Shikaar Bagh is packed even during the weekdays which speaks for its popularity. A central location in a heritage hotel is a great incentive to visit. Shikaar Bagh is considered to be one of the best romantic places to visit for couples in Jaipur.


Bar Palladio

Of all the places in Jaipur, Bar Palladio continues to charm visitors with its exotic palace-like interiors. It is as popular as its neighbor – Shikaar Bagh! Personally, I find its outdoor seating uncomfortable and the choice of the menu limiting. On an optimistic note, it is a must-visit romantic place for couples in Jaipur. It offers an excellent choice of mocktails and juices apart from the usual alcoholic drinks. Even though many of its patrons recommend Tiramisu, I didn’t find it worthy enough. On the whole, the food is average at Bar Palladio. So why have I included Bar Palladio on this list? It is has a great vibe that goes well with drinks. Bar Palladio is the best cafe in Jaipur for photography.



HOP is an incredibly popular nightclub in Jaipur and its rooftop dining is considered one of the coolest places for dining and drinks.


Having been to HOP many times, I should mention the food is not exceptional but it is consistent. The owners understand the food business very well, they also run many other popular food outlets in Jaipur – Cafe Bae and RJ14.


Steam At Rambagh Palace Hotel

Despite being around for years, Steam continues to offer a unique experience to its customers. What makes Steam at Rambagh Palace Hotel so unique? Steam remains a unique place to offer a dining experience on a vintage train. It is not the typical party place anymore; previously, they used to have a dancing section.


There’s an option for open-air dining too. Where else can you experience something similar? A drink and dining in a vintage train compartment definitely qualify The Steam as the best romantic restaurant in Jaipur. The setting is charming and distinctive.


Did I mention the Rambagh Palace Hotel, a former royal palace, and a heritage property has won many prestigious awards consecutively?


Scene Radisson Blu

The scene at Radisson Blu doesn’t figure in the top dining places in Jaipur. This I think works in its favor.


With open-air seating and select seating, it makes for an amazing romantic dining place in Jaipur. The food and hospitality were splendid during my visit to The Scene at Radisson Blu.



Soul Jaipur

The soul is one of the newest party places and its popularity is soaring. It is always packed on weekends and sometimes even on weekdays. The location is central – C Scheme, close to MI Road which never fails. 


It is certainly one of the smallest new party places, but I enjoy its ambiance in comparison to many other new places. One of the unique things it offers is a microbrewery, hence a choice of four unique beers. The food and prices are average for its category. The soul is one of the most Sheesha lounges in Jaipur, lately.


Townsend Bar & Kitchen

Even though Townsend opened before the pandemic in 2019, it became immensely popular fairly recently. 


Many consider it to represent an excellent alternative to Shikaar Bagh since its decor and ambiance replicate the Shikaar Bagh. However, it is considerably smaller in terms of its seating capacity. One of the reasons for its popularity is its live music performance. In winters, its outdoor seating is highly coveted. The value proposition is similar to Shikaar Bagh. Townsend Bar & Kitchen is considered to be one of the best lounges in Jaipur. 


Popular rooftop lounges in Jaipur

Jaipur Adda

Jaipur Adda takes a fresh look at the concept initially proposed by Farzi Cafe – molecular gastronomy paired with fusion food.


Despite the cramped area on the rooftop, it is always buzzing with people. Unlike other restaurants and cafes, it offers a variety of options in drinks & not just beer. Additionally, It has a few eccentric cuisines like Parle G Cheesecake with Rabri! On the flip side, with little space and cramped seating, there’s no privacy!

What to try at Jaipur Adda? Naan Pizza.



Asteria is one of the popular rooftop restaurants in Jaipur with live music.


Even though my experience wasn’t up to mark, Asteria is one of the most sought-after late-night places in Jaipur.


Newly Opened Popular Cafes in Jaipur

These are popular cafes in Jaipur not necessarily the ones I recommend.

Akuri Cafe

Akuri Jaipur opened its door to the public in august 2021. The cafe is inspired by the popular Parsi cafe one finds in Mumbai.


Parsi represents a community that follows the Zoroastrian religion and emigrated to India from Persia or Iran following the rise of Islam in their region. Mumbai and Surat had a large Parsi population which gave rise to many Parsi cafes like Cafe Excelsior, Cafe Merwan & Co, Britannia & Co, and Cafe Irani Chai, to name a few. Akuri is the only Parsi cafe in Jaipur.


To be honest, there aren’t a whole lot of Parsi dishes on offer, especially for vegetarians. Many popular food items that one finds in most cafes are also available. So, what are the Parsi elements one finds in Akuri? A few Parsi items on the menu and the 1950s interior were inspired by the old Mumbai buildings. The value proposition is not great as the quantity served vis-a-vis prices is low. So why do I recommend visiting Akuri at least once? The vibe is good with novel interiors. An old Premier Padmini aka Fiat 1100 greets you at the entry gate; the sliding metal shutter doors which were common in the old days gain prominence in the interiors. Just for your information, these sliding shutters are part of every nationalized bank even today.


A list of the Best Cafe, Restaurants, and Lounge Bars in Jaipur

  • Best Cafe For Couples in Jaipur – Zolocrust at Clarks Amer
  • Best vegetarian restaurant in Jaipur – Cafe White Sage
  • Best place for romantic candlelight dinner in Jaipur – Steam Rambagh Palace and Steam at Radisson Blu
  • Best for late night party in Jaipur – Soul Brewing Company MI Road
  • Best Cafe in C-Scheme – Curious Life Coffee Roasters and Anokhi Cafe
  • Best cafe in Malviya Nagar Jaipur – Rustic By OTH
  • Best Vegan and organic cafe in Jaipur – Anokhi Cafe
  • Best romantic lounge in Jaipur – Shikaar Bagh

New Cafe & restaurants to visit in Jaipur

  • Bombaye House
  • Townhouse Coffee
  • Magnolia Cafe
  • Cafe Cornerstone
  • Sutra Coffee

New Sheesha & Lounge Bars in Jaipur

  • Diona
  • Sambre
  • Rosado
  • Townsend
  • La-brass at Diggi Palace
  • The Forresta (renovated)

This is not an exhaustive list of good restaurants and cafes in Jaipur. I’m sure there are many more worthy places to visit in Jaipur.

With the rising popularity of food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Food Panda, etc. there are new paradigms the food outlets are grappling with. The world is moving towards an informal set-up and the same goes for food outlets too. The concept of a restaurant has been replaced by cafes. Another trend is toward fusion decor, often it is hard to differentiate between a cafe and a lounge. There is a lot of assimilation of concepts and cuisines. Unlike restaurants that were largely confined to lunch or dinner, cafes don’t restrict their operations to time slots. The cost of operation is much lower than that of full-service restaurants. Fine dining restaurants in Jaipur are largely confined to star hotels like Mariott, Holiday Inn, and Fairmont to name a few. These are some of the dynamics of the food industry in Jaipur; some claim that this holds true for other cities, too. In the end, customers are looking for a great experience through food, hospitality, and ambiance. These are important criteria for value. What do you think makes for a great food experience?

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