What Makes Tea House Popular In Jaipur?

Jaipur is witnessing an explosion in café culture. The term café brings up images of the ones lined up along the streets/ piazza/ squares in Paris, Milan and elsewhere in Europe. However, the café in Jaipur are not on those lines. The ones that we have here in Jaipur are styled with casual interiors and a dose of quirkiness. Garage look is really in! There’s immense creativity but none of them differs to offer new concept; they all are patterned on the same theme! As a breather, tea culture is catching up fast with a host of tea café springing up in Jaipur with names like Tapri Central, Chaisa, Tea Tradition and so on! So what makes these tea café in Jaipur so popular? Which are the best Tea café in Jaipur?

Here are few images of café in Jaipur thriving on quirkiness and offbeat décor!

India is a tea-drinking nation and therefore tea is the most popular drink. You can find a tea vendor at every nook and corner. South India is an exception where Filter Coffee is more popular.

Roadside tea vendor in one of the local Jaipur markets

Tea is called Chai in Hindi.

Tea café started appearing in Jaipur some 7-8 years ago as an affordable alternative to the cafe’s serving coffee. Catering to the young crowd especially students with affordable prices and Indian menu, the concept was an instant hit.

Chaisa, Jaipur. A very popular chai cafe among students

Affordability is a big USP when it comes to students.  Outstation students in Jaipur need a place to hang out. A place where they can chill, exchange notes and catch up with friends! Affordable Chai café or tea house fits the bill perfectly!

Chaisa Jaipur

With many such Chai café spread across the city, it gave a new dimension to the booming café culture. The atmosphere in the tea house is casual and relaxed; there’s nothing formal about it.

Tapri Central

Some tea café realized the potential of untapped business through upmarket tea house at posh locations. Tea cafe’s offer a huge assortment of tea from the usual Masala, Ilaichi, Tulsi Chai to a variety of green tea;  drinking tea is no longer considered as downmarket. These were hybrid of the affordable tea cafe and coffee brewing cafes, offering best of east and west. Serving popular Indian and International menu allowed them to cater to a variety of customers. Probably, this was a safe bet, to balance it out by mitigating any loss-making situation. Imagine a scenario where Grandpa prefers Masala Chai with Parantha whereas grand daughter’s choice is  Latte with cheese garlic bread; no one has to compromise and it’s a win-win situation. A new niche was established which was a runaway success. The business was so good that some Tea café opened up at multiple locations in Jaipur.


So what makes tea house or chai café tick amidst the booming coffee culture? I think people feel happy with their own food (read food habits) and culture. Tea is part of Indian culture and there’s some comfort we all derive in our habit! Same holds true for Aaloo Parantha vis-a-vis coleslaw sandwich or burger. Say what you may but we all feel at home with our own food. I’m sure on a rainy day, most of us will prefer Adrak Chai with Pakora than a coffee with French fries!!

Chai served at a new age Tea café in Jaipur. Tapri Central

In the past, Chai was associated with the roadside vendors which were referred to as Thadi. Students would gang up with their friends at these roadside tea stalls. In recent years, chai cafe’s are offering a better option for those who love Chai and a place to hang out.


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Tea house or Tea Cafes like Tapri Jaipur or Tea Tradition offer a break from the predictable menu and ambiance of the “me too” café. If you are visiting Jaipur do visit these tea café which makes for a differentiated experience and atmosphere. The best Tea café in Jaipur are Tapri Central, Chaisa and Tea Tradition. Try them!



115 thoughts on “What Makes Tea House Popular In Jaipur?

  1. It is strange that a majorly tea drinking nation took much longer to come up with tea cafes as opposed to coffee cafes.
    However, I have always enjoyed the decor of the tea cafes that are cropping up – Far more earthy and Indian 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true…
      I remember one of tea chains started tea cafe 15 years ago and they all died down…maybe the concept was too young to grown, then!

      I agree that unlike cafe with western concept one feels far more comfortable in tea cafe!

      Do you keep visiting tea cafe in your city?


      1. wow! I haven’t been to Bikaner house for quite some time. Earlier, I would catch Volvo bus to Jaipur fro m Bikaner house. But now I prefer not to travel via NH8 because of road condition. Would love to hear more about it. 🙂


  2. This is my first time visiting your blog and truly enjoyed reading your post.
    Tea being the staple drink has to have such places where people can just come and relax and catch up.You said that right..people feel happy with their own food (read food habits) and culture. I am sure these Tea Cafe must be everybody’s favorite spot. One more addition in their list for the tourists as well. 🙂 Thanks for taking us to Jaipur through your post.

    Already followed you on twitter, no heading to Facebook.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy to hear that. These tea cafe are quite popular. Some of them like Tapri attracts people of all age. They are certainly worth checking out. Surely, will connect and follow you back on twitter and FB


    1. Happy to come across someone from Jaipur. Did you shift recently? I have never been to Ketli, yet. Tapri continues to be popular even now. So which city do you call home now?


      1. Aha! Kolkatta! you have so many lovely places to enjoy food. Cafe Lazy Mojo still exists. There are new and better options though. Looks like you have many sweet memories of the Pink City!


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