Flavors of Jaipur/Food walk/ photo journey

Few days back, Flavors of Jaipur- a group of foodies conducted a food walk. The food walk in Jaipur was scheduled on a Sunday afternoon.

I too  joined this group for Jaipur food walk. The walk started from the World famous tourist site – Jantar Mantar and continued through Bazaar and lanes of the walled city of Jaipur.

Sharing few images from this Jaipur food tour!

(All shot using compact super zoom camera)

Introduction round at famous Hawa Mahal. Jaipur food walk
Pandit Kulfi, the most famous Kulfi shop in Jaipur. The owner claims it to be 60 years old establishment. Jaipur food walk
Pandit Kulfi, Jaipur. Staff filling the container used in making of kulfi during process of kulfi making. Jaipur food walk
Staff at Pandit Kulfi, Jaipur filling up with Ice during Kulfi making process
A close up! Containers, ice & Kulfi making process at Pandit Kulfi! Jaipur food tour
Pakodi seller in walled city. selling by weight. Jaipur Food walk
Aaloo Pakodi, Pyaaz Pakodi… Pakodi during Jaipur Food walk.
Bread Pakode and Kachoris!  Jaipur Food walk
Waiting for their turn to lay hands on Pakodi…Jaipur Food tour
Everyone gets busy with Pakodi….Jaipur Food walk
Another famous spot for kulfi, juice and shakes! Ramchandra Kulfi Bhandaar. Jaipur Food walk
Bombay sandwich in process! Jaipur food walk
Bhelpuri... taste wasn’t that great..quite passable! Jaipur food walk


Sharing Bhelpuri! Jaipur Food walk


Jaipur food walk was mainly intended for it’s group members & friends; attended primarily by the students and youth. Overall, it was not a very structured walk,unlike conducted food tours taking place across the world.

While the food walk took us through some of the popular eating joints & shops in the walled city of Jaipur, but the things we ate was not exceptional, in terms of the taste. Some items were reasonably okay and other at best, passable!!

Efforts to conduct this walk by the organizers are appreciable, but some more thought and structure is surely called for! A little information about history of food joint, must have food item etc would have enhanced the experience!

I had to leave the food walk in mid way due to paucity of time, therefore I only visited few places in this food walk.

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