Optimistic Seller At Jaipur Literature Festival

(This post has been created in response to Weekly Photo Challenge – Optimistic )

These two pictures were clicked outside the Jaipur Literature Festival and show the entrepreneurial ability of the locals.

Zee Jaipur Literature festival is hugely popular literature festival and features the world’s top writers, celebrities, artists and actors over a period of five days in the month of January, every year. It is touted as the world’s largest free literature festival, attracting thousands of people from all over the World.

This sets the stage for those with the entrepreneurial ability to display & sell products outside festival to the visitors. One can see people selling eatables, souvenir, collectibles, books etc. The sellers try to make the best of 5 days! This seller of turbans/ Pagdi is quite optimistic as he pushes for the young lady to try one of the turbans, from his makeshift selling space.

Turban & costume jewelry sellers push young lady to try a turban, at Zee Jaipur Literature Festival


Optimistic turban seller trying to close a sale as the young lady seeks the opinion of her friend on the turban.

I’ll be posting more on Jaipur Literature festival, very soon!

This post is part of weekly photo challenge- Optimistic!


11 thoughts on “Optimistic Seller At Jaipur Literature Festival

  1. Nice pictures. On the opposite side of the road, where you clicked the turban seller, a lady resident from one of the flats would sell homemade lunch on the landing of her building stairs. She could be seen around lunch time everyday, till the food lasted. Another example of the entrepreneurial ability of the locals that you mentioned.

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    1. Rightly mentioned! There were many other sellers also, selling food items to souvenirs. While they were trying to make money, another aspect was that they were filling in void for services or goods that were not otherwise available. organizers must consider making things available on reasonable rates as well. Not everyone coming to the JLF would like to pay through the nose! Also many things, as you pointed out like home cooked food was not available inside venue. I’m sure many people would prefer simple food, thereby giving enterprising lady a Chance.


  2. This is lovely. How i wish we were able to go for our photo walk. Would have been so much fun. Thanks for understanding. I am glad we were able to meet, though. Even if for just a few minutes.

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