What Are The Best Street Food Places In Jaipur Walled City

Nothing is hidden and unique in the age of social media, this is a reality for most people. The flip side of this is the repeated information floating on the internet. Writing a blog on street food in Jaipur was not on my list until a fellow blogger suggested it to me. In a world full of me too travel & food blogs on Jaipur over here is my take on street food in Jaipur. While some of these have been written many times over, a few are unique. One can visit most of these places on their own; on the other hand, a food walking tour in Jaipur will enrich your experience with the information and the persona of a walk leader. Certainly, not every food walk tour in Jaipur is good, and not every tour will take you to the places listed here. Many of these are Jaipur’s famous food. Unfortunately, many Jaipur street food blogs mislead travelers by listing unrelated things as street food like Ghevar. Another misleading piece of information provided by many Jaipur food place blogs or vlogs is by listing places that are in different directions. It is difficult for a traveler to visit all these places or create a route map. This blog on famous Jaipur food places contains a list of outlets in the walled city area of Jaipur. It is possible to cover all these places within a few hours either by foot or by a rental bike. Else, one can also hire an e-rickshaw available in plenty in the Jaipur walled city area, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Most Popular Street Food Places In Jaipur Walled City

This list of street food places in Jaipur focuses on only one area, the Jaipur walled city. All these places are at a walkable distance from one another; directions vary. Therefore, if you want to create your own food walking tour in Jaipur, you can do so. Over here are the street food places in Jaipur.

  • Samraat Jaipur

Samraat is incredibly popular as a snack option. Earlier, it was renowned for Desi Ghee Jalebis but over the last few years, it has gained enormous popularity as a breakfast place in Jaipur. Among the most sought-after foods, at Samraat are Dal Kachori, Jalebi, Mirchi Bada, and Chai. Needless to say, they, in addition, offer a lot more than these items. Unknown to many, they provide seating that resembles an old-world restaurant that exists in rural towns. The seating tables are meant to be shared among the guests. It is a compact seating area therefore don’t expect much. They also serve Paranthas. I have written about Samrat in another post What’s in for the breakfast?

Location-Chaura Rasta


  • Sahu Chai

Sahu Chai possesses a reputation for being one of the best places to have Chai in Jaipur. For years they served only Chai. In recent times, they started offering the rusk and Bun-Maska as well. Nothing more. The outlet serves only one type of Chai devoid of ginger or masala. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best that the city can offer. For sure, Sahu makes consistent Chai, every time.

Location-Chaura Rasta


  • Khunteta Kachori

Khunteta Kachori is well-known among the city residents, but it is unknown to travelers. There are very few outlets selling Kachori with Aaloo (potato) filling and Khunteta is one of them. While Dal Kachori, Hing Kachori, Aaloo Pyaaz Kachori, and Mawa Kachori are popular, this variant is not. In fact, it is like Samosa in the shape of Kachori. Be informed, it is very spicy for everyone barring a few.

Location- Kishanpol Bazaar, opposite the Museum of Legacies


  • Pandit Kulfi

Pandit Kulfi is located in the walled city of Jaipur, not far from Jaipur City Palace. As you guessed right, it is a prominent place for Kulfi in Jaipur. If you don’t know what Kulfi is, it is a frozen dessert made from milk. It is traditional ice cream before machine-made commercial ice cream replaced it. One of the most sought-after things to eat during the summer season.

Location-Sirehdyodi Bazaar

pandit kulfi

  • Mahavir Rabri Bhandar

Mahavir Rabri is famous for selling Aaloo Pyaaz Sabzi by Kilo among the locals. The shop became famous for its Rabri, a sweet condensed milk dish. Mahaveer Rabri Bhandaar presently has many branches across Jaipur. However, among the locals, the one in Chandpol Bazaar is referred to as the original Mahaveer Rabri Bhandar. It is also famous for its Paneer Aaloo Pyaaz Sabzi, Bejar Roti, and also Kesar Rabri.  Many of its patrons visit this place for its Thali or meal consisting of Bejar Roti, Lahsun (Garlic)  Chutney, and Mirchi Ke Tipore. The shop has a compelling story behind it which I will reserve for another day.

Location-Chandpol Bazaar

  • Gulab Chand Dairy

Gulab Chand Dairy continues to be a hidden gem of the pink city. Also called GCD, produces and offers select items. Among the things it offers are Shreekhand, Kesar Pista Makhan, Sada Makhan, and Chaas.  Every item they produce is the closest one can get to homemade taste and quality. You certainly cannot get any better in the city.

Location-Chaura Rasta


  • Kaljuga Halwai

The Jaipur walled city residents rate Mirchi Tipore of Kaljuga Halwai as one of the best. It is on the same lane as Mahavir Rabri Bhandar. The name Kaljuga is uncommon as it denotes Kalyug. Kal Yug as per Hindu mythology is the last of four ages and is marked by deceit, sin, and evil. To completely comprehend the concept of Kalyug, do read the post on Kalki Temple in Jaipur. Like Mahaveer Rabri Bhandar, even Kaljug Halwai has an interesting story that relates to how people started designating them by this name. Among the numerous things this shop sells, is Mirchi Tipore with Mathri, and worth trying. As per grapevine, the original owners sold the shop, and the current owners prefer the name “Tiporewalas” rather than Kaljug Halwai. This shop also sells Aaaloo Pyaaz Bazi, Dum Aaaloo, Puri, Bejad Roti, and Besan Ladoo.

Location-Kishanpol Bazaar, Khunteto Ka Rasta

  • Karodia Kachori

Karodia Kachori in Haldion Ka Rasta is popular among its patrons for its crisp perfectly fried Dal Kachori. The Kachori fans swear by its crisp taste and won’t eat any other. It is not popular among tourists and remains a hidden gem. Undoubtedly, Samraat Dal Kachori is good but Karodia is unexpectedly better.

Location-Haldion Ka Rasta, Johari Bazaar

Kachori in Karodia Kachori, Johari Bazar,

Many of these street food places can be considered cheap places to eat in Jaipur. Would you like me to share a Jaipur street food walking tour map to help you do the food tour on your own? Let me know by leaving a comment. 


29 thoughts on “What Are The Best Street Food Places In Jaipur Walled City

  1. This is a wonderful post about street food in Jaipur, Arv. I think you would be the perfect person as a local to do a walking food tour here and take us along 🙂 It is interesting to read that the seating at Samraat resembles old-world restaurants and the seating tables meant to be shared. It makes me think that you could be eating very close side by side to a stranger, but I guess that’s part of the atmosphere and it is the food that matters – and everyone is there to enjoy the food. Also I liked that you pointed put places that are not too well known to travelers like Khunteta Kachori located at Kishanpol Bazaar. It is something different at the heart of the locals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Food tour? well, I will keep that in mind. If you are visiting Jaipur, I can surely take you to these places, Mabel. In many places in India which sees a huge rush, sharing tables is common. I’m sure it will be a unqie experience for people from other parts of the world, but people from Asia? May be not for all Asians. How was it in Malaysia, when you lived there?


      1. Will look forward to a food tour from you, Arv. In Malaysia people generally like having their own tables themselves and their eating companions. Personally I like having my own space with people I know while eating but sometimes, hey, why not share a table eating with a new person. Guessing you are used to sharing tables when eating good food outside 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. God to know, Mabel. While community eating is common and sharing food with friends/ family is a norm, we don’t really have a culture of sharing spaces. One of teh reasons is that you won’t find many single people going out to eat. People usually have family/friends along when dining out which means that group would like to have their own space. I’m sure you can relate since we are from a smiliar culture. Indians are social and therefore unlike western cultures we don’t find many single people in most eateries.


      3. That is interesting to hear sharing spaces isn’t that common over there. But at the same time, Asian cultures have a communal mindset in many other ways. Yes, when dining out in a group, they generally want to sit together in a group at their own tables. Wishing you well for the end of the year, Arv 🙂


  2. Arv, I am drooling after reading this post and need a quick snack-recharge just to get out of this craving. 😀 The Khunteta Kachori looked so yummy but the spice note you mentioned turned me down. I can feel the crispy bite on the Karodia Kachori. I have just been to Rawat for the Kachoris and they too were delicious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rawat is like Flurry’s in Kolkatta. I have skipped it from my post since it is in a different area and too popular. Even if Khunteta is on the spicier side, I really recommend having a bite. Karodia is defnitely a great dig.

      Liked by 1 person

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