What’s In For The Breakfast, Jaipur?

If you’re a foodie who’s traveling to Jaipur, it’s natural for you to think about food  in Jaipur. Breakfast precedes anything else! So which are popular places for the breakfast in Jaipur? If that is what you’re thinking, have a look at these two pictures.

food in jaipur


breakfast in jaipur
Fresh Jalebis Anyone?

What do you see? People enjoying Jalebis, kachoris, mirchi bada, pyaaz kachori and samosa for breakfast. Yeah! you saw it right!!!

This place is called Samraat in chauara rasta, Jaipur, a popular place for people to enjoy breakfast in Jaipur.  It is popular for its Samosa and Jalebis; it is an old shop and therefore enjoys a great following in Jaipur. It is not unusual to find a big rush during breakfast hours at Samraat. Morning walkers usually congregate here, post walk to refill lost calories! Filling more than what was burnt! Now that’s a Rajasthani style breakfast and common across Rajasthan! Jalebis, kachoris, mirchi bada, pyaaz kachori and samosa for the breakfast, Anyone?



7 thoughts on “What’s In For The Breakfast, Jaipur?

    1. you sure can feast on it to make the most of your India trip. The fun part is its widely & easily available across North India. …Of course, the expertise is restricted with few!

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