Nature In Jaipur | Inspiration For Hiking

What can be a better inspiration for humans than nature? Despite living in an urban area, I feel privileged to escape into the hills and jungles by hiking. Jaipur has these “spots” close by. Not that these are dense forests like the ones found in central or South India but these are pretty much unique as they are monsoon forests. Being a semi-arid region, hardy trees that can survive through the extremes of winters and summers equally, are in plenty. A feature of monsoon forest. Although the landscape changes drastically each season.


I hike in these woods to get inspired by trees, shrubs, insects, pretty much everything! Each of them adapts to changing weather and season for survival! One can get lost in these jungles yet discover so much! Check out the detailed post on Monsoon in Monsoon Magic.

This post has been created in response to Weekly Photo challenges Inspiration



8 thoughts on “Nature In Jaipur | Inspiration For Hiking

      1. Ooops !! I meant for the fort pic that appeared on the slide. Accidently posted the comment here. Apology for the mistake. You have amazing clicks !

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      2. I’m happy that you liked the pictures…surely a great incentive to keep going! If you have seen few pictures on the banner, well they keep running as a slideshow, so I’m not sure which one you are referring to. It’ll be nice If you can give some description of the picture you liked!

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  1. thanks! yes, its great to be able to get away …to nature! on the downside, this greenery last only for 2 months -during monsoon! during summers, its so hot that you wouldn’t like to step out in the heat! In winters, it not this green, but surely pleasant and enjoyable!


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