monsoon in jaipur

Jaipur Sunrise | Diffraction In Monsoon Sky

It’s July and the monsoon season. I’m posting a picture that was clicked at the start of this week before the rains resumed!

monsoon in jaipur
Monsoon Sky in Jaipur- Diffraction!

The picture was clicked in Jhalana Forest, Jaipur from a vantage point, just after the sunrise. Clouds covered the Sun, causing diffraction of light. Due to insufficient light in the sky, the jungle in this picture appears quite dark. And yes, Jaipur had a good share of rains in form of intermittent showers this week. Its a desert state and rains are something that makes everyone happy!

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17 thoughts on “Jaipur Sunrise | Diffraction In Monsoon Sky

    1. Thanks Alok Singhal! Watching it in real was much more mesmerizing experience. Although you have been kind enough to pass on credit to me but in reality credit goes to – nature! I often wonder why we have distanced ourselves from nature? living in an artificial shell equipped with all possible facilities…we have adapted ourselves completely to a new environment that we have created!

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