5 Most Popular Hiking Places In Jaipur

Jaipur is surrounded by hills and offers a couple of hiking & trekking places in Jaipur. I have been hiking in Jaipur for the last few years. With the rising influence of social media, people keen to hike in Jaipur are increasing every year. There is a sudden rise in the amateur hiking and trekking clubs in Jaipur. Personally, I don’t appreciate joining such large groups because it takes away the essence of hiking. If you are keen to hike yourself, this blog intends to help you with the basic knowledge of the adventurous trekking & hiking options in Jaipur.


Here are the most popular hiking spots in Jaipur.


5 Most Popular Hiking & Trekking Places in Jaipur

  • Water Valley Trek Near Nahargarh Fort / Hathni Kund

Water Valley trek is also called as Hathni Kund Trek. Please bear in mind this place possesses no connection with elephants – Hathni. The trek starts from Charan Mandir near Nahargarh Fort.

Water Valley Trek in Jaipur

Water Valley trek has become extremely popular. I haven’t visited this trek lately because it attracts a large number of people who consume alcohol and create a raucous atmosphere. It is not uncommon to find empty liquor bottles and plastic litter all around. To put it concisely, this has become a popular picnic spot. In the past, I rated Hathuni Kund as the best-hidden spot in Jaipur. Read more about this trek in this pos – Hathni Kund Jaipur – The most popular trek in Jaipur?

Location of Hatni Kund Water Valley trek

Water Valley trek is near Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

Starting Point of Water Valley Trek in Jaipur is Charan Mandir

Trail Gradient – Easy and good for beginners. Do note the initial part of the trail is lined with loose gravel which can pose a problem during the rainy season. It is a short trek. Don’t miss the flowers of the beautiful sickle bush tree on this trail during the monsoon

Trekking to Water Valley in the month of September

Here is a picture of Hathni Kund during the monsoon season.


  • Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev Trek

I initially heard about this trail from an elderly person who narrated his childhood experiences of trekking to this old temple. It was his weekend ritual to visit Bhuteshwar with the entire family. In those days, the hills were brimming with ferocious beasts. As a measure of precaution, they never trekked to Bhuteshwar Nath during dawn or dusk.

Bhuteshwar Trek Trail

Bhuteshwar Nath trek entails trekking in Nahargarh wildlife sanctuary in Jaipur. This trek can be completed with a couple of options. The most preferred route starts from Nahargarh Biological Park as it is a flat route and doesn’t involve much of ascending or descending. The temple can be reached from VKI Area, too. Sagar lake route is popular among those seeking a little more adventure.

Forests near Bhuteshwar Nath Trek

Location of Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev trek

The Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev trek is near Nahargarh Biological Park in Nahargarh Forest Jaipur

There are multiple Starting Points of Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev trek. The most popular is the one that originates near Nahargarh Biological Park.

Trail Gradient – Easy to moderate for people who have never hiked before. It is slightly longer trek in comparison to Hathni Kund.

  • Chour Ghati Trek

This trekking place in Jaipur is situated near the Galtaji temple. It is a desolate place that shot into prominence after a few guides started offering this trek on an adventure portal. In reality, this place has nothing to do with Chour or thieves. This entire area was a sacred place since the 15th century.

Trekking to Chor Ghati

I avoid visiting Chor Ghati after having noted the presence of leopards in the vicinity. It is not merely about our safety, but we should allow animals a free movement in their own territory.  Read The Captivating Monkey Temple at Galtaji 

Location of Chor Ghati Trek

Chor Ghati trek is located near Galtaji also called Jaipur Monkey Temple

Starting Point of Chor Ghat Trek is Galta Gate Jaipur

Trail Gradient – Easy to moderate for beginners. The trail is lined with loose gravel before the final ascend. It is shorter than Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev trek.

Read Galta Gate Then And Now

  • Nahargarh Fort Trek

Nahargarh is definitely one of the most popular treks in Jaipur. The trail with a cobbled path starts from Purani Basti. It ends near an old stepwell in Nahargarh Fort, a Baori where Rang De Basanti Bollywood movie was filmed.

Nahargarh Fort walking pathway

The significant advantage of hiking to Nahargarh Fort is it can be attempted during the dawn. In recent times, a considerable number of tourists also hike on this route. It requires 15 minutes for a fit person to complete the trail since the Nahargarh Fort height is 200 meters.

A Trek in Nahargarh Fort

There are a couple of more places to trek in Nahargarh Fort but are on unmarked routes. I don’t suggest attempting them. Read Why sunrise at Nahargarh Fort is a bad idea?

Location of Nahargarh Fort Trek

Nahargarh Fort trek is at the base of Nahargarh Fort walking ramp in the Purani Basti area of Jaipur.

Starting Point of Nahargarh Fort Trek is Purani Basti, Nahargarh Road

Trail Gradient – It is steep ascend through a cobbled stone path. Many people like to use this for fitness activity. It is a short trail.

  • Chulgiri Trek

Chulgiri hills offer a more rustic trekking experience. Chulgiri remains a prominent place it being one of the most popular Digamber Jain temples in Jaipur. These hills are also home to many leopards since Chulgiri is on the border with Jhalana Forest. One of the most popular routes of Jhalana Leopard Safari called zone 1 ends near the base Chulgiri hills.

View of Ghat Ki Guni tunnel from Chulgiri Trek

I wouldn’t suggest a trek into the jungle surrounding Chulgiri. However, one can opt to ascend the stairs which lead to the temple. The stairs offer panoramic views along with a cardio workout. Many runners love to run on the ramp which leads to the temple starting from the valley.


Location of Chulgiri Trek

Chulgiri Trek is near Ghat Ki Guni, Agra Road, Jaipur.

The starting point of Chulgiri Trek is Agra Road

The ramp leading to Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple, Jaipur

Trail Gradient – This trail is through the paved path and is not very steep. It is good for beginners who want to build endurance. You will find plenty of Thor Danda in this terrain.

  • Garh Ganesh Temple Trek

Garh Ganesh Temple is presumably the oldest temple in Jaipur.Garh Ganesh trek is one of the best treks in Jaipur for beginners. A few trekking groups refer this trek as Chabutara Trek of Jaipur. This name definitely sounds funny.

garh ganesh temple jaipur
Garh Ganesh Temple

The original Garh Ganesh temple stairs are steep making it an ideal workout for a fitness freak. You can choose a simpler trail that originates from the left side. This route is popular among females hikers in Jaipur. Many hikers take the exit of the temple premise and hike towards the hill behind Garh Ganesh. After walking a couple of steps, one will come across a new temple dedicated to Shiva. It is a good point to sit and enjoy the views and weather. Read The Garh Ganesh Temple Guide


Location of Garh Ganesh Trek

Garh Ganesh Trek is in Brahampuri Jaipur and extends to Nahargarh Fort

The starting point of Garh Ganesh Trek is the parking area of Royal Gaitore

Trail Gradient – If you are using old stairs to Garh Ganesh Temple, it is short but challenging. The new path is gentle and good for beginners.


These are the most popular adventurous places near Jaipur. If you are planning to trek in Jaipur, ensure that you carry adequate gear and sufficient water. Always respect nature and avoid creating a nuisance by playing loud music or disposing of trash, plastic, and other waste items in the forest. People looking for adventurous places near Jaipur will find this list of hiking spots in Jaipur of great help. I have posted one of my favorite hikes near Jaipur – What makes a hike along Dhok tree trail alluring?

Have you ever been to a hiking place in Jaipur or in your home town? What do you enjoy the most when it comes to hiking?


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