Meeting Ramkishan In Ramkishan

It was  the month of February, we were hiking in the hills around Jaipur. This terrain is infamous for being a leopard territory. People report leopard sighting in these jungles every now and then.


we were extra careful upon reaching the flat surface on the top of hill, you never know if there is something lurking behind tall dry grass. It makes for a perfect camouflage!



While exploring around we saw a house peeking through the bushes. This set us wondering  who would prefer to live in this terrain? We decided to explore a bit more.

After a brief walk we could find this house, but a wall of dried branches and thorny bushes surrounded it. No way, we could cross over this one.

stories from jaipur while hiking in jungles on jaipurthrumylens

We  walked around this fence and reached at a difficult point from which proceeding further would be challenging. And it was here that we spotted a guy attending to the plants. We tried to distract him towards us, by shouting out loud. It worked. He walked towards us on the other side of the fence.


Ram Ram (Hello in Rajasthani)

Ram Ram

Do you live here?


so what do you do?

I’m a care taker

care taker? ….of what?

I take care of this place owned by a Baba

and who is that baba?

Baba Bala****h (let this be secret 😉 )

where is he?

He has a Ashram

And where is his Ashram…. located?

It’s around 12 km from here.

Why do you take care of this place? who would want to own something here in the jungle? and that too on a hill?

The baba got enlightened at this place many years ago, so he holds this place  sacred.

Oh!…You manage to live here in isolation?

Yes. sometime we spend the night at  our room on the highway below, in which case we walk up by 6 AM. 


There’s one more person….Together we take care of this place. The other person is not here, currently

Where are you originally from?

I’m from Morena in Madhya Pradesh

That far?

Yes, it’s been many years now… since I shifted here.

Wild animal don’t trouble you here?

Yes, they do …lot’s of Neelgai around. They breach this fence during the night… and eat away all these plants around here.

Despite the fence?

Yes, they do….In fact, they breached the  fence 2 nights ago.

we didn’t find any while walking towards this place?

There are…lots of them in this jungle.

Any other wild animal?

This forest is home to bear and leopard too

So you erected this fence?

Yes, to safeguard this place from wild animals

So how do we come in?

The entry is from the other side.

And how do you walk down to the highway?


I use the other approach (he pointed towards opposite direction).You want to come in?

No not now…some other day.we will come again with our friends.

Sure, that will be great.

What’s your name?


Do many people come here…like us?

No…hardly anyone comes here. 

Okay then, we will see you around. Ram Ram

Ram Ram


And we walked back to our usual day!


12 thoughts on “Meeting Ramkishan In Ramkishan

    1. Somali… As I replied to another comment, I think there are so many stories around us. While everyone’s curious about famous personalities, common man is always ignored. thanks for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I believe each of us has some story -related to our life. while we are all keen to know in detail about famous personas and their life but a common person is ignored. It’s an attempt to highlight the common man. I’m not sure but probably neelgai is specific to certain geographical region.
      Thanks for reading and liking. 🙂


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