Central Park Jaipur | Silhouette

The below picture captures the morning scene at Central Park, Jaipur. It’s a  great place to begin your day with a morning walk, stretching routine, and yoga. Central Park is the most popular park in Jaipur among residents. Here is a picture of the sun during the summer in Central Park, Jaipur. Posted for  Skywatch Friday

Central Park, Jaipur. Skywatch Friday


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19 thoughts on “Central Park Jaipur | Silhouette

    1. These are created by well known designer -Sam Wheaton. They were installed few years ago. All my guess would be… just a guess! 😉
      No I don’t… just one of the days I wanted to do some photography.. 🙂
      Can you make some guess about those stone sculptures?


      1. I like that..;) No bubble…I know three topics on which men can blabber forever – cricket, bollywood and politics! These are great conversation starters as well! Am I right? 🙂


    1. It’s primarily blogger platform who is more active on Skywatch Friday, but still lot many wordpress users too participate.Yes anyone can participate and it’ll be great to see your entry on skywatch as well. Do visit the link posted in my skywatch entries.

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