Which Are The Famous Temples To Visit In Jaipur?

The temple in Hinduism is a divine place reserved for the divinity or God; a building place for worship or performing rituals pertaining to worship. Ever since Jaipur was founded, temples formed a significant part of the city and its culture. This is evident from the long Jaipur temple list in the walled city, the initial settlement. The number of temples in the Jaipur walled city has increased over a period of time. I will enumerate reasons for the growth of temples in Jaipur some other day. In this blog, I will focus on the most famous temples in Jaipur.


The Famous Temples in Jaipur

The following are the most famous temples in Jaipur enjoying a large following of devotees.

The Famous Ganesh Temple in Jaipur | Moti Dungari Mandir

While it is not the oldest Ganesh temple in Jaipur, Moti Dungari is definitely the most famous Ganesh Temple in Jaipur. Every Wednesday, a massive number of devotees visit Moti Dungari Temple; a day dedicated to Ganesha. Among the historic temples in Jaipur, Moti Dungari Temple is comparatively new as it was constructed in the 19th century. Senior Jaipur residents share that the popularity of Ganesh Ji temple in Jaipur represents a relatively recent phenomenon, probably, a Bollywood influence. In the old days, it wasn’t the case. Read the blog Why is Moti Dungari Ganesh Temple popular Ganesh Temple in Jaipur?


Govind Dev Ji Temple | The famous Krishna Temple In Jaipur

Govind Dev Ji maintains an extraordinary place in the heart of Vaishnavs in Jaipur being an Ishtdev of Jaipur rulers; it is the most popular Krishna Temple in Jaipur. The story and history of Govind Dev Ji Temple are remarkably interesting. The temple is dedicated to Krishna Ji. You can read more about it in my blog on Govind Dev Ji Temple.

: picture-govind-dev-ji-darshan-jaipur-most-famous-temple
Govind Devji Darshan. Govind Devji Temple, Jaipur

The idol of the temple was transferred from Vrindavan temple to Rajasthan to conserve it from destruction following a Mughal order. One can have Darshan of Govind Devji during the predetermined time slots based on the season. If you want to know more about the temples, why to visit, and how to visit, read the Govind Dev Ji blog- Devotees at Govind Dev Ji Temple


Tarkeshwar Ji Mandir | The Famous Shiva Temple In Jaipur

In comparison to the above two temples, Tarkeshwar Ji Temple is frequented by the locals and is not popular among tourists. Being one of the famous Shiva temples in Jaipur, it receives a considerable number of devotees every day and especially during the month of Shravan.


Many of the Kanvad Yatra in Jaipur end at Tarkeshwar Mandir. Tarkeshwar Mandir is located in Chaura Rasta not far from Tripolia Gate. Do check out my blog- Kanwar Yatra in Jaipur

Galta Ji Temple | The Oldest Temple in Jaipur

Popular among tourists, Galta Ji Temple is also popular as the Monkey Temple in Jaipur. The reason why Galta Ji is called Monkey Temple is due to the large number of monkeys living near Galta Ji. Galta Ji Temple is the oldest temple in Jaipur. The temple holds special importance in Hinduism and is called Galta Peeth in India. It is an important place for the Ramanuja sect of Hinduism. You can read more about the Galta Ji temple in this detailed travel guide – The captivating Monkey Temple at Galtaji.


Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Temple | The Famous Hanuman Temple In Jaipur

Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Temple is one of the most famous Hanuman temples in Jaipur. This temple is not as historic as many other temples since it is a comparatively new temple; it is dedicated to Hanumanji. Ghat Ke Balaji temple in Jaipur is one of the most historic Hanuman temples in Jaipur.


Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Temple has managed to get government funds for the development and construction of the premises; this explains its extensive infrastructure. Some feel it is ironic because this temple is not a heritage temple and is not tied to the history of Jaipur. The temple is familiar with its Dal Baati Churma and the Sawamani Prasad in Jaipur. You can read more about the temple in my in-depth blog on Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Mandir – The Lure of Dal Baati Churma?


Jagat Shiromani Temple | One of the most beautiful Jaipur Temples

Jagat Shiromani Temple is also called Meera Bai Temple and is located near Amer Fort in Jaipur. Meera Bai was a 16th-century Krishna devotee. It is a historic temple and architecturally unique temple. Dedicated to Vishnu Ji, the temple is also tied to a few historic events in Rajasthan. If you would like to why you must visit and how to visit Jagat Shiromani Temple, read an in-depth blog guide The Meera Bai Temple in Jaipur| Jagat Shiromani Temple

Jagat Shiromani Temple

Birla Mandir | The Famous Vishnu Temple In Jaipur

Birla Temple was built by the Birla family member, BM Birla in the mid-1980s. The temple has an idol of Vishnu and Laxmi. The Birla family has constructed many Hindu temples across India and are called Birla Mandir. Birla Mandir in Jaipur is built using white marble and is situated in a prime location. A substantial number of devotees visit the temple, every day; many are tourists. This temple is not a historic temple but looks impressive due to the white marble and commanding presence.

Beautiful Birla Temple in Jaipur

Chulgiri Jain Temple | The Famous Jain Temple in Jaipur

Chulgiri Jain Temple is one of the most popular Jain Temples in Jaipur. The temple is called Chulgiri Jain Mandir Atishaya Shetra and is a Digamber Jain Temple in Jaipur. This temple is located near Ghat Ki Guni and was built at the behest of Deshbhusan Ji Maharaj in 1953. He observed the surrounding of the place as tranquil and beautiful.

View from Chulgiri Jain Temple Atishaya Shetra

The temple contains three large idols dedicated to Tirthankars one of which is Mahavir. The temple can be reached either by stairs or via a ramp. The ramp can be used to reach the temple by car. The number of steps on the staircase is close to 1000. It took me around 15-20 minutes to reach the temple from the base. Ideally, it will take 30 minutes to reach via stairs; it took me lesser time because I regularly trek in Jaipur. Chulgiri Jaipur is equally prominent for the Chulgiri trek. You can read more about this trek in this blog on hiking in Jaipur- Hiking and trekking places in Jaipur.

Chulgiri Jain Temple in Jaipur

Garh Ganesh Temple | The Oldest Ganesh Temple in Jaipur

Garh Ganesh Temple predates Jaipur City and is the oldest Ganesh Mandir in Jaipur. The temple is constructed in an unusual style, a minor fortification. The temple has an idol of Ganesha in the child form. The view from the temple of Jaipur city is astounding. The original staircase to reach the temple is steep and difficult.


However, that is not the case with the new staircase built a few years ago. This staircase is additionally used by many hikers to reach the Garh Ganesh Trek. The Garh Ganesh temple is not open to the public throughout the day, and Darshan can be had during designated timing. Read the blog on Garh Ganesh Temple – The Imposing Garh Ganesh Temple. Garh Ganesh is also a great sunrise point in Jaipur- Read the blog Garh Ganesh Temple | A Great Sunrise Point


I can add many more temples to visit in Jaipur but I have chosen to keep this Jaipur temple list concise. In case, you want to visit more temples in Jaipur, You can check out this link – Temples in Jaipur


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