Sunrise Point in Jaipur/ Garh Ganesh Temple

In my earlier post, I have written about sunrise points in Jaipur which are easily accessible to everyone. I had mentioned that I’ll be detailing out more sunrise point in Jaipur. In this post, I’m moving ahead where one needs to climb up through steep staircase to reach the sunrise point.

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Garh Ganesh Temple, famous Ganesha temple in Jaipur with great views of the city.


Earlier this week, I visited Garh Ganesh temple to witness a sunrise in Jaipur. I have already written  a bit about Garh Ganesh Temple in few posts.I have listed them all here.

Garh Ganesh temple is a well known landmark since it predates Jaipur and can be seen from the old city area. It’s the oldest and famous Ganesha Temple in Jaipur.

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garh ganesh temple jaipur
Garh Ganesh Temple, Jaipur. Seen from a distance!

I reached the starting point of the steps that lead to Garh Ganesh Temple prior to the sunrise. It was still dark. These steps are well lit even during the night.

Path that leads to Garh Ganesh temple during dusk.

One has an option to choose between tough and easy stairs which leads to the Garh Ganesh temple. The short one is the original path. It gives you a good cardio workout. On the flip-side, it’s steep.

Arduous old path that lead to garh Ganesh Temple.

Option two is what most people choose. Its a later addition; long but easy to traverse. Another advantage of choosing the former is that it allows you to enjoy the great views of Jaipur.

Lovely views of Jaipur city from Garh Ganesh Temple, Jaipur


Jaipur city with Nahargrah Fort on the right side.


View of Jaipur city during dusk. Garh Ganesh temple, Jaipur

After reaching the sunrise point it was time to sit back and enjoy the sunrise.

Garh Ganesh Temple with the dark clouds in background. Skywatch Friday


Garh Ganesh temple just before sunrise.

With dark clouds dominating the horizon, there was no option but to wait for some more time…….. for the Sun to make an appearance. When the sun made its appearance, the sky looked unusually beautiful. It looked like a nuclear blast in the making!

Ain’t this sunrise beautiful? Friday Skywatch


It was not just the sunrise that was beautiful. The view of the sun rising with an expansive view of Jal Mahal, Mansagar lake and Kanak Ghati was stunning. Here is another picture which captures this magnificent landscape.

Enjoining the stunning sunrise in Jaipur at Garh Ganesh Temple

After enjoying views for some time, it was time to head back. Taking a different path and a bit of off-road and I was back at the base.

I’m still refraining from listing the sunrise points in Jaipur that are difficult to reach or involve some element of adventure as it might turn out to be mis-adventure! I’m sure people fit for the adventure will find it out themselves.

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I hope this post will help nature lovers experience the glory of Sun in Jaipur. I will continue to share pictures of sunrise for Jaipur Sky  as well as some new places to witness the magic of sunrise in Jaipur. Many people consider this climb to Garh Ganesh temple as a great trekking place in Jaipur.

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106 thoughts on “Sunrise Point in Jaipur/ Garh Ganesh Temple

    1. I think we have this in common. I try to experience sunrise on weekends when there’s no work pressure during morning hours. Its the best thing to gift yourself. A promise of a new day!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s certainly invigorating. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with everyone. Most people find it tough to climb up. Anyways, everyone has a different idea!
      The views are definitely stunning!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Beautiful view of Jaipur from the top. What a panoramic view and the sky seemed to be quite clear that day. Always what you hope when you are chasing a sunrise or sunset – that the sky is clear enough for the sun to shine through. I’m guessing you took the steps going up since you mentioned you climbed steps? I would always, always go down the route that gives the best view. Even that route might be challenging, nothing wrong with going slow. Seeing the sights is often an indescribable experience 😀 Sometimes I’d feel not fit for an adventure…but the moment I start moving along then I start feeling adventurous and ready to have a good time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mabel, on the contrary I prefer sky with some clouds. That way there is lot more action in the sky! You can see more colors and tints that a clear sky. I’m sure if you are out there, nature will provide you enough motivation to go with the flow and not worry about the adventure part.
      Do you find yourself opportunity to witness sunrise or sunset? I’m sure Australian sky must be providing great sunset and sunrise opportunities.


      1. Haha, I too like clouds in the sky but not clouds that completely cover the sky – and some clouds is more interesting for long exposure photography. I prefer seeing sunsets as I am not a morning person at all. It has been very cold here in winter lately so I haven’t been out doing much sunset shots of late 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have tried some long exposure photography but not during the sunrise or sunset. I completely understand if you prefer sunset over sunrise. Sunrise does involve lots more effort and adjustments. Will look forward to your sunset pictures..then?


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