jagat shiromani temple details

Architectural details of Jagat Shiromani Temple in the town of Amer!

This post is in continuation of my previous one on Jagat Shiromani Temple.  Also, known as Meera bai Temple, it is a beautiful amalgamation of architectural styles of its time. Clearly, the Rajput, Mughal, and Dravidian architectural styles are dominant. The exquisite use of a variety of stones namely, marble, sandstone, and black stone makes it very unique temple in Jaipur. The resultant architectural style is one of a kind. One can witness various design elements, unique to each architectural style. Here is a picture of Jagat Shiromani Temple, Amer.


The rulers of Amer were Senapati or commanders of the Mughal army, the Rajput kings of Amer participated in many battles from Kabul in the west to Bangladesh in the east. Some of the battles even took them toward the Deccan plateau. This certainly must have an impact on the architecture.


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