Jagat Shiromani Temple, Jaipur

Jagat Shiromani Temple

Jagat Shiromani Temple in Amer, Jaipur is also popular as Meerabai Temple in Jaipur. It’s one of the most beautiful temples of Amer town as well as the most elaborate of all. This temple is quite popular among the tourists. Residents of Jaipur are unaware of its presence, which is a pity. It is being claimed that this is the only temple of Meera Bai in Rajasthan.

One of the most elaborate temples in Amer town – Jagat Shiromani Temple

I visited this temple in morning hours during the winters. I found the atmosphere at Jagat Shirmani Temple quiet and serene.

Jagat shiromani temple, Amer– Jaipur

Jagat Shiromani Temple History

Jagat Shiromani temple dates back to 1599 AD and  it took around 9 years to be built. The temple was built in the memory of Maharajah Sawai Man Singh I ‘s eldest son Jagat Singh by his mother Rani  Kanakwati.

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The temple has two entry points. It can be accessed  from the fort road of Amer town,which is the main entrance. The other one is through the steps behind the Amer Fort. Here is a picture of the steps descending from Amer Palace.

way to Jagat Shiromani temple amer
way to Jagat Shiromani temple Amer

What’s unique about Jagat Shiromani Temple ?

The most striking features of this temple is the marble Torans(pylon) at the entrance. The torans are ornamental arch of the gateway. It is said that these Torans are made from the single piece of a marble. That’s commendable!

Toran adorning the entrance of Jagat Shiromani Temple, Amer.

Another striking architectural element of this temple is the amalgamation of  different architecture styles – Jain, Hindu, Mughal and South Indian. All these styles have been beautifully incorporated and blended together in this temple. This architecture style bears some resemblance to the Albert Hall museum of Jaipur, where various architectural styles have  been fused together, to create a stunning masterpiece.

Jagat Shiromani Temple is built using three different type of stones -local stone (possibly some sort of sand stone), marble and black stone (probably granite). Use of different type of stones, has enhanced the beauty of this temple. It’s a distinct feature. All other temples in the vicinity, are constructed out of a single stone.

Jagat Shiromani temple, Amer

The temple is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. Along with this, the temple also  houses an idol of Lord Krishna along with the Meera Bai. To the uninitiated, Meera Bai was a wife of the Mewar king and devout follower of Lord Krishna.  It is believed that the idol of Lord Krishna housing this temple is the same idol  that Meera Bai used to worship in the state of Mewar, some 600 years ago! This idol was saved from the destruction during the Mughal attack on  Mewar by Amer rulers. It was brought to Amer from Mewar.

According to Hindu religion,  Lord Krishna is reincarnation of the Lord Vishnu, which could possibly explain why the idol of Lord Krishna was placed in this temple. Since Meera Bai considered Lord Krishna as her husband, even idol of Meera Bai has been placed along with the idol of Lord Krishna. Toran near the entrance, bears testimony to this supposedly marriage. Toran ceremony is one of the important ritual in Hindu marriage. The ceiling of this temple has beautiful frescoes though they have weakened due to the time & poor maintenance

amer town
Deity. At Jagat Shiromani Temple, Amer. Jaipur
Beautiful Carvings in the Canopy at Jagat Shiromani Temple, Amer

In a canopy adjoining temple, is the idol of Garuda, which is a carrier of Lord Vishnu.

temple garuda canopy amer jaipur
Picture of a Canopy, adjoining the Jagat Shiromani Temple entrance

The temple exteriors has lots of beautiful carvings, predominantly in the pedestal section and in the canopy housing Garuda. Below is a picture, which shows army of elephants, horses and face of tiger in a separate rows. There are two elephants in playful mood at the base. On the top second row is a illustration of some sort of procession and people are depicted in a jubilant mood. The top row has  a carvings of a birds quite possibly, peacock.Placed just above the pedestal in black stone are three marbles plates, depiction of Indian mythological characters – possibly Gods and Goddesses.

pedestal at jagat shiromani temple
Details at Jagat Shiromani Temple
Detailing at jagat shiromani temple
White, red and black color stones come together to create a visual treat at Jagat Shiromani Temple, Jaipur

Here is a side view of  Jagat Shiromani Temple.

Jagat Shiromani Temple Jaipur
side view Jagat Shiromani Temple Jaipur

Jagat Shiromani Temple is a very interesting temple from heritage,architectural and religious point of view. Its being claimed that this is only temple having an idol of Meera Bai. Sitting here, early in the morning with a great weather, one feels blessed to be able to enjoy peace and tranquility.

Its a pity that most  residents of the city have ignored such a beautiful temple. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) maintains this temple.

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How to reach Jagat Shiromani Temple?

Temple is located in Amer town and can be reached easily through the left lane just after the Amer Elephant stand on the Amer Road.

You can locate the temple with help of this map. The temple has been marked in red and the lane has been highlighted with red color.

Jagat Shiromani Temple Timings

Jagat Shiromani temple is open from 6 AM to 1 PM and from 4 PM to 8 PM daily

Jagat shiromani location map
Jagat shiromani Temple location map

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54 thoughts on “Jagat Shiromani Temple

  1. This temple has such a significant history behind it! Would have loved to see the idol that Meera Bai worshipped, unfortunately, time did not permit.
    Heard the story of another temple at (or near) Amer. The temple of Durga (if I am not mistaken). Can you tell me?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries Somali. There’s always next time. Keep me posted whenever you are next in Jaipur will suggest you some good places to visit.
      The temple you are referring to is Shila Mata temple. Idol here was found in the form of stone slab. It was originally at Jessore in Bengal and was brought to Amer in 13 th century after winning the war. Offering a was abandoned many years ago. It has huge following here in Jaipur. It is within Amer palace complex. Hope this helps Somali.

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