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Badrinath Temple Jaipur | Lost In Oblivion

Badrinath Temple situated on a small hill in Amer town is a great place to soak in the views of Amer Fort and town. Here is an expansive view of Amer town from Badrinath temple, Amer.

Amber jaipur
View of Amer town from Badrinath temple.

The temple is managed by the society of Aadi Gaur Brahmin Moortikar Kalakaar Sanstha (stone sculptor society located in Khazane Walo Ka Rasta, Chandpole Bazar, Jaipur). Although not much information is available, it is being claimed that the original version of this temple dates back to the 10-11th  century. amber temple

The main shrine is quite small, however, the temple complex is quite big.

badrinath temple amer
Main Shrine inside Badrinath temple, Amer town, Jaipur.

The paintings inside the temple are very old and given the current condition, they are in urgent need of attention and repair. These paintings depict Hindu mythological stories and various Hindu  Gods & deities.

temple in amer
Fresco inside  Badrinath temple-Amer, Jaipur.

Although the overall upkeep of the temple and its premises is very good, the condition of the paintings is self-explanatory in these pictures.

badrinath temple amer
Painting depicting Hindu God inside Badrinath temple-Amer, Jaipur.

The dome part of the ceiling is beautifully painted in a floral pattern.

temple in Jaipur
Beautifully painted dome inside  Badrinath temple-Amer, Jaipur.

Inscribed on a marble slab in the courtyard one can find the history of Badrinath temple Amer. Here is a picture of the same.

badrinath temple
Foundation stone with all relevant information. At Badrinath temple- Amer, Jaipur.
temple in amer
Inside Badrinath temple., Amer, Jaipur

The access to this temple is through an inclined pathway made out of cobbled stones. This pathway ends at the entrance of this temple premises.

amer temple
The entrance – Badrinath temple- Amer, Jaipur.

Since this temple managed by the society of Moortikar brahmin samaj, it is not frequented by locals. It is only popular among the followers of this Brahmin community.

If you are visiting Amer town and have spare time at your disposal, you can visit Badrinath temple for beautiful paintings inside the shrine and lovely views of Amer Palace as well as  Amer Town. Don’t expect much though else you’ll be disappointed! Badrinath temple is an offbeat attraction in Amer.

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18 thoughts on “Badrinath Temple Jaipur | Lost In Oblivion

    1. Thanks Rajesh! Amer town is full of old temples; many of them date back to 10-11th century. Unfortunately, most of temples have been sidelined and are yet to be “re-discovered” ! thanks for checking out the post!


    1. yeah! the surface on which these have been painted is also ancient technique. its not a paint! the other aspect of restoration is that today we don’t have skilled people who understand these techniques !!


      1. Looking at sheer no of heritage sites we have in the city (and elsewhere in Rajasthan).. it really needs lot of funds and organized efforts by the agencies to restore them. The Amer town near Jaipur city, which dates back to 9-10th century has many buildings already in dilapidated conditions….more on that soon!


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