5 Reasons Why I Love Amer Fort -The Most Popular Tourist Attraction In Jaipur

Amer Fort or Amber is an iconic tourist attraction in Jaipur. It is reminiscent of the grandeur of a bygone era. Amer Fort architecture is captivating. What makes Amer Fort so popular among tourists and travelers? This Jaipur travel blog explores the reasons why most travelers fall in love with Amer Fort?


Tourists entering the palace section in Amber Fort, Jaipur


The charm of the Amer fort starts to build up once you drive past the Jal Mahal or Water Palace. The road winds through the beautiful valley of the Kanak Vrindavan Garden Ghati leading to the Ghati gate. Ghati in Hindi means Valley.

Ghati Gate demarcates the Kanak Ghati & Amer Ghati. Once you pass through Ghati Gate, Amer Fort is another 4 minutes drive.

Once you cross the Ghati gate you enter the narrow Amer valley with hills on either side.

amer ghati near ghati gate amer road jaipur
The narrow road of Amer Ghati which leads to the Amber Fort

The road meanders through with the gentle turns until you reach the Maota lake. It is here that you get an expansive view of the Amer valley with the majestic Amer Fort and the towering Jaigarh Fort just above.

road to amber fort with maota lake
The first sight of Amber Fort, Jaipur


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5 Reasons To Love Amer Fort In Jaipur

In my opinion, here are 5 reasons why I love Amber Fort, the most popular tourist attraction in Jaipur.

  • Ochre color of Amer Fort

The pastel Ochre color looks stunning when the soft sunlight strikes the walls of the Amer Fort. It looks fabulous & Magical. Ochre color is quite unique and there aren’t many heritage palaces, forts & buildings which sport this mystic shade in India. Even though Jaipur is famous as the Pink City, the buildings and Havelis in the by-lanes of the old city of Jaipur were painted in Ochre color. Have a look at these pictures of the Amer Fort.

Amer Fort looks majestic in Ochre color.
Amer Fort reveling in the morning light

There are very few cities and buildings in the world that sport Ochre color. Amer Fort is certainly one of them.

picture of amber fort most popular tourist attraction in jaipur

Expansive view of the Amer Fort along with the Maota lake.
  • Amer Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site

Amer Fort is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in India, which speaks a lot about this place. Very few forts in India have made it to this list. Amer Fort is classified under “Hill forts of Rajasthan” along with the forts at Ranthambore, Kumbhalgarh, Jaiselmer, Chittorgarh, and Gagaron.



Given its history, heritage, and architecture, Amer Fort deserves to be a part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

  • Sheesh Mahal

    Tourist at Sheesh Mahal, Amer

The Sheesh Mahal is synonymous with the Amer Palace and refers to a section inside the Amer fort where walls and ceilings are embellished with the concave-shaped mirror in the form of inlay work. It requires great skill and workmanship to create such a stunning piece of art.


  • Amer Fort Architecture 

Amer fort architecture features a unique combination of Rajput and Mughal architectural styles. It is a fine specimen of two different architectural styles. Mughal architecture needs no introduction; the world-famous Taj Mahal is one of its finest examples. Most historians are of the opinion that Mughal influence in the architecture was inevitable given the close association of Kachwaha Rajputs with the Mughal rulers. Amer Fort is one of the leading places to witness the confluence of both architectural styles.


Mughal influence in the Amer Fort
Detailing hints towards the Mughal influence. The red sandstone is similar to the Fatehpur Sikri  complex near Agra


The amalgamation of two distinct architecture styles. Amer Fort, Jaipur
  • Amer Fort Heritage Water Walk  

Amer Heritage water walk is one of the most unique things that one can experience in Amer Fort. This walk is available only by prior booking since it is conducted by a water walk expert. The reason why I recommend this walk is because it allows one to experience Amer Fort from a different perspective. There are many sections of the fort that can be accessed only with the Amer Heritage Water Walk. One can have a better understanding of this palace and the life of the royalty after undertaking this walk. To find out how you can undertake this walk read How to explore the secrets of Amer Fort with a water walk?



Beautiful Amer Fort complex as seen from a different angle.

In short, Amber Fort has a mysterious charm that attracts many tourists visiting Jaipur. Amber Fort was abandoned at the start of the 18th century. Some years ago, the fort was renovated beautifully, giving it a new life.

Rush at the Amer Fort hints towards its popularity

It is still visited by the locals, not as a tourist, though. Devotees throng the ever-popular Shila Mata temple inside the Amer Fort. During Navaratri, thousands of devotees visit this temple for Darshan due to which Elephant ride at Amer remains suspended.

Amer Fort gets crowded on long weekends and Navratras

The beauty of Amer Fort can neither be described in words nor by pictures. You’ve got to experience it in person. Have you been “Amber’ed”?

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Pigeons with the  Amer Fort in the background.

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Travel Tips for Amer Fort.

Amer Fort Timing

Amer Fort is open from 8 AM- 5 PM and is part of the night tourism program. Amer Fort can be visited between 7 PM to 10 PM.

Amer Fort Entry Fee

Amer Fort Entry ticket is priced at Rs 100 for Indian visitor, Rs 500 for a foreign visitor, Rs 100 for foreign students, and Rs 10 for Indian students ( student/ school identity card is mandatory for availing subsidized price).




207 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Love Amer Fort -The Most Popular Tourist Attraction In Jaipur

  1. Your blog is a really a guide to Jaipur. Me and my colleagues have planned a trip to Jaipur but we didn’t know where to start. Now that I have read your blog, we can plan our trip easily.


  2. Yes, I have been “Amber’ed”. 🙂 Arv, your post took me years back when I visited Amber Fort. It was such an amazing experience with many tourists – local, national and international, all wowed by the stunning beauty of the fort. I remember that time too the elephant ride was in huge demand and there used to be a long queue for the same. We were not interested in the elephant ride and rather walked our way to the Fort.

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    1. Sarmistha, Amer Fort (well it actually is a palace) is a unique experience. It is taking a peek into the lives of royalty. Yes, it’s popular among all travelers and tourists. Personally, I don’t ride any animal so I stay away from elephant ride, but it is one of the biggest attractions at Amer among the overseas tourists. Where else can you ride an elephant so easily? I love walking up the fort. There’s something nice about it. 😃 Did you visit many years ago?

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