Heritage Conservation/Exhibition by Department of Archaeology

Recently Department of Archaeology held exhibition in the popular JKK gallery on heritage site restorations undertaken by them in last few years.

The exhibition was aimed towards spreading awareness about heritage sites and how the department is working towards their restoration. A large part of population is not even aware of existence of such a department.

Here are few pictures from this exhibition.

Exhibition by Department of Archaeology at JKK, Jaipur
Overview of the heritage restoration exhibition held at JKK, Jaipur
Pictures of various heritage sites that have been restored by the Department of Archaeology.
heritage restorations in rajasthan
Before and after picture of heritage sites under restoration. At exhibition, JKK, Jaipur.
Heritage sites, before and after restoration. At JKK, Jaipur.
heritage restoration department of Archaeology jaipur
view of heritage restoration exhibition by department of archaeology at JKK, Jaipur
Information about conservation efforts carried out by the Department of Archaeology. At JKK, Jaipur

A large number of conservation listed and shown in the exhibition were not in Jaipur, rather spread all over Rajasthan.

Given the fact that there are large number of heritage sites, which run in thousands, spread all over the state it is a herculean task to restore all of these. The department faces constraints of time and monetary resources. In light of above, we need to appreciate their efforts.

I also felt that while some sites have been restored beautifully, some turned out more beautiful than their original conditions!!! Some sites have been restored using different stones than the original ones, which meant that the result is out of place (vis-a-vis original ones)!! I’m not sure if this is good or bad. It could be a technical reason for some stones may not be available for restoration, cost factor or the technique cannot be replicated. In any case, it is a better option to restore it rather than let it lie to crumble!!

It was a great effort by the department aimed towards educating public about the efforts undertaken by them.


5 thoughts on “Heritage Conservation/Exhibition by Department of Archaeology

  1. A great effort . However , I do feel in some places the conservation work takes away for the old world charm of a place , if not done cautiously with the right expertise .

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