Jaipur Chhatri | Blue Hour Photography

The below picture was clicked during blue hours in the Amer. The focus of the picture was the silhouette of a Chhatri. Amer Town is well-known for Amer Fort

Silhouette of a Chhatri clicked during the blue hours.

Chhatri is probably the most important element of Rajput architecture one comes across in Rajasthan. Be it Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaiselmer!ย  Jaipur and Amer are no exception!ย What makes this Chhatri’s so beautiful? Perfect symmetry, probably? At least, that’s what I think!ย By the way, did you notice another Chhatri in the background on the hill in the above picture? That’s a watchtower.

Here is another link to my earlier post on Chhatri.

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