Pushkar Fair/ Thru my lens-Flashback

Pushkar FairΒ is very popular and world famous cattle fair held in the holy town of Pushkar, Rajasthan. Of late, Pushkar Fair has became the Β Mecca of photographers. Also called Pushkar Mela, in local language. It’s one of the most sought after fair in India along with Kumbh Fair of Allahabad in UP.

Pushkar is a Hindu pilgrim town, located approx. 2 hours drive from Jaipur. Apart from the fair, the town is very popular among the foreign tourist, especially with the long stay ones.I am sharing pictures clicked during Pushkar fair, last year. These pictures are not the “cover page pictures” one usually comes across in the glossy pages or websites. These are random shots,clicked on a very short visit.

Locals in their traditional clad attire in Pushkar Fair camps located near the Pushkar stadium.
camels at pushkar fair in pushkar rajasthan
Silhouette of Camels. At a camp located in Pushkar Fair. Pushkar town, Rajasthan
Horse for sale- Details posted as well!. In Pushkar Fair in Pushkar town, Rajasthan
Buyers inspecting a horse for sale during Pushkar Fair in Pushkar, Rajasthan
Sellers from Madhya Pradesh,at Pushkar Fair. Pushkar town, Rajasthan
Overview of Camel camps at Pushkar fair in Pushkar town
Close up of Camel camp in Pushkar Fair. Pushkar Town, Rajasthan
At camel camp, Pushkar Fair. Pushkar Town, Rajasthan
pushkar fair rajasthan
Mobile technology has altered the way transactions take place in Pushkar Fair due to deep reach in villages of mobile technology. Pushkar Town, Rajasthan
Overview of Pushkar Lake and Ghats. Pushkar Town, Rajasthan

These pictures are devoid of glamour one comes across in Pushkar Fair pictures being posted in the glossies, newspaper and web. None of these were planned or posed shots. Clicked with a super zoom camera.




35 thoughts on “Pushkar Fair/ Thru my lens-Flashback

    1. Thanks Mick! While ‘prepared ‘ shots have their own importance but somehow they don’t depict the reality, they are more of ‘enhancers’. I guess it’s people who have to decide what they prefer!

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    1. from what I hear, the number of Indians visiting fair is going up. while the locals feel foreigner traffic is going down! It seems from media coverage, the popularity of pushkar fair is going up!


    1. Many of these are performance horses… To be used for horse riding by Police or army.. In some cases in game of polo as well!
      Fantasia… Is something I have never heard before.. sounds interesting!

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    1. Hi! Thanks for taking time to read write up on Pushkar. I’m confused, kindly clarify me. While I get the message that you have reblogged the post, on your page there is no link or write up of my post. There’s only a featured picture of this post. Looking forward to hear from you!

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