pushkar fair

Vivid/ Colors in Pushkar Fair

This picture was clicked in Pushkar town during the world-famous Pushkar Fair.

pushkar fair

Pushkar is just over an hours drive away from Jaipur city.It is considered to be a holy city and important hindu pilgrim town. Apart from this, it’s very popular amongst the long stay foreign tourists too.

Pushkar cattle fair which takes place in the month of November, every year is a huge draw  not only amongst the local people but also amongst the tourists.

In last few years,photographers in huge numbers (from all over the world) converge here trying to capture their best shots!!

It’s common to find multiple photographers chasing single subject ! I remember reading in one of the blog, someone jokingly commented that today one would find more photographers than cattle in the Pushkar fair!

This picture was clicked while walking on the main street of Pushkar, which runs around the Pushkar lake. The vivid colors definitely stood out from the surrounding area and caught my attention.

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