The Sandstorm In The Morning | Jaipur Sunrise

This picture was clicked on a Sunday morning as the city woke up to a sandstorm!!

Sandstorm in Jaipur

The intensity of a bright red Sun was greatly reduced by  sand in the atmosphere. Even though sand storms are common in the month of may, they have reduced greatly over last 20 years.

This picture was clicked on a flyover overlooking a metro station and an overhead metro line in the background.

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23 thoughts on “The Sandstorm In The Morning | Jaipur Sunrise

    1. karen! surely the sand storm numbers have reduced over the years…thanks to climate change, rapid urbanization…and so on! This year intensity of heatwave has reduced greatly…thanks (again) to climate change..unseasonal showers are usual after 2-3 hot days! met department has predicted less than normal monsoon this year! how’s it in Aus?


    1. S.C. ! it wasn’t that bad and it was on decline… otherwise I wouldn’t have taken a risk! also, the intensity of sand storms in urban areas is not that pronounced!


    1. Jan! to my luck, it wasn’t that intense and wasn’t that bad! but later that night sand storm was definitely intense and pretty bad!


    1. Naturefootstep foto! I’m not sure if you experience sand storm at the place where you reside, but out here they are not usually very intense or very destructive. Many times sand storm is followed by few minutes of drizzle!


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