Summer/Rhesus macaque/ Monkey

With the city temperature hovering around 42-45 C, even animals are looking for some respite from the heat. I clicked this picture of a female Rhesus Macaque monkey along with a baby, just outside Brajraj Bihariji temple in the Tripoliya Bazar market area.

Female Rhesus Macaque Monkey. Walled city area, Jaipur

Rhesus Macaque monkey can be easily spotted in the walled city area of Jaipur since they tend to live around human settlements. This particular species of monkey is quite intelligent and at the same time quite aggressive too! Where opportunities present themselves, they sneak in the house quietly and raid the fridge. This is rampant amongst  the houses located in walled city area of Jaipur since the buildings usually have open to sky courtyard, which facilitates these “bandits” easy access in the house. As for intelligence,usually this particular species is never scared of women….. If a woman tries to scare them, they get aggressive and retaliate….but when they encounter a male with the stick, they know how to respond – they quietly retreat!

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17 thoughts on “Summer/Rhesus macaque/ Monkey

  1. Wonderful shot’s! I guess the male monkey’s(Rhesus) are more dominant and don’t take any crap from the female’s. Of the lighter coloured monkey’s (Langur) that ruled the one Temple it seemed the females where the dominant ! Strange how each has it’s own rules…but then so does every race, human or not! 🙂 Thanks for showing me these Arv! T.


    1. You are quite right. Each species has it’s system and rules. In all probability, the Langurs are social. You’ll find them in groups. But the red face Rhesus are loners too! 🙂

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