No Monkey Business – Gray Langurs

I clicked this picture in Brahampuri area, on way to Garh Ganesh Temple.

monkey temple jaipur

There was an entire troop of monkeys sitting around a small temple located at the base of the hill near Garh Ganesh temple. They were Gray Langur monkeys. This species is characterized by a black face, greyish brown color, and a long tail. Despite no similarity, they are also called Hanuman Langur and Langur Bandar in the local language.

Langurs at Savitri Temple in Pushkar

A few years ago, it was easier to spot these monkeys in Jaipur, but these days due to rapid urbanization, it has ceased to be so. They typically live in a large group. Unlike, red face –Rhesus Macaque they are not as smart and aggressive. It is hard to find a loner amongst gray langurs. In case, they invade a garden, don’t be surprised with leftovers – broken flower pots, uprooted plants/sapling, broken twigs…..and what not? Have you heard about Monkey Temple in Jaipur?  Read The captivating Monkey temple At Galtaji 

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13 thoughts on “No Monkey Business – Gray Langurs

    1. kalpanaa! Thanks! however, this picture is posted without any alteration except for brightness/contrast adjustment. Normally, I never apply any effect can call that conservative approach!


  1. Very interesting post. I agree that with rapid urbanization, these animals are finding it hard to survive and with human beings always chasing them away. Sad but true that there is a huge imbalance in our ecosystem

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    1. suyash! the way human race is undermining other species…for its gains, I wouldn’t be surprised if it eradicates other species. The pace at which we are doing this, is much faster than before. And saddest part is that we all talk more (for conservations) and do less!! And if other species are gone forever, it’ll only bring end of Humans – nearer!

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