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What is Travel Bug or Wanderlust?

Wanderlust or Travel Bug has become one of the most popular words on blogging platforms and social media like Facebook and Instagram! Just run a search….you’ll know!


Is this wanderlust fueled by social media because we are increasingly exposed to the pictures and posts of travelers?

Is Travel bug a form of escapism? Many people have quit their jobs to travel and blog.

Is it because we are all tired of things around us and we are looking for some change?

Many people say they want to travel because they want to experience the world.

Foreign tourists enjoying the beautiful sunrise at Jal Mahal, Jaipur

We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls. Anais Nin

Foreign Tourists at one of the palaces in Rajasthan

Bitten by a strong Travel Bug or Wanderlust?

Sometimes we want to travel but commitments and responsibilities tie us down. So what do we do?

Exploring backyard

For a change, try to become a traveler in your own city or places nearby! It’s called backyard traveling. You’ll be amazed to discover the places that you never knew existed even though you have been passing through the street, every day! In spite of living in Jaipur for years, I never ventured inside the iconic  Hawa Mahal, till recently!

being a tourist in your own city
Exploring my own city! Backyard traveling

Just change your perspective. Become a tourist. That’s what I do too sometimes, by donning a look of a tourist and exploring my city. It’s fun when the street vendors approach me to sell a Rajasthani puppet or ethnic printed shirts….trying to strike a conversation in English, thinking I’m a foreign tourist. Imagine the look on his face when I respond in Hindi or local dialect!

Offbeat tourist attraction in Amer- Panna Meena Kund, Jaipur

I have chronicled one of such incidents in this post – Dholak Seller in Sirehdyodi Bazar Jaipur

If you don’t have tourist or historic places in your city, there’s something else you can try. Hit the street and interact with people like street vendors or less privileged people. You’ll gain insights into the lives of people and life, in general. There’s so much life around us which has escaped our attention. We are so engrossed in the routines that we miss most of the things around us.

Street scene from Jaipur- A Flower seller

When we travel our mindset is different, we are free from the daily grind and therefore, we notice so many new things. This makes travel interesting. Try to explore things around you, don a different garb and get ready to be surprised without leaving your city! Become a backyard traveler! I’m sure exploring your own city or surroundings, will enrich your life. What do you think?

doodh mandi jaipur milk seller
From the street of Jaipur -Milk Seller in Doodh Mandi

Overtourism Meaning?

Overtourism has been plaguing many cities across the world with a sudden increase in population due to the massive influx of tourists. It causes problems & inconveniences for the residents and the authorities. Traffic jams and long lines are common outside popular tourists places. For examples in the city of Venice, Italy the local residents are around 55,000 but on peak days the tourist arrival is the two to three times this number.

Cause of Overtourism

There are many reasons for Overtourism. One of the reasons is that there has been a general rise in travel. Another reason cited by some travel experts is the rise in social media use. Instagram pictures and stories are fuelling travel. The younger generation doesn’t want to hoard money and prefer to spend on experiences. Travel is one of the most popular experience accessible to all.

Overtourism Destinations

Some of the popular tourist destinations which suffer from Overtourism are Venice, Amsterdam, Bruges, Rome, Barcelona, Paris in Europe. In India, Shimla, Nainital, Dharamshala, and Mussorie suffer from Overtourism.

Overtourism Solutions

A lot of people advocate traveling in the off-season as an Overtourism solution. In my opinion, this can be one solution but we need to look away from the popular tourist destinations. Traveling in your own city can also mitigate some of the Overtourism issues.


Exploring the offbeat locations and views

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

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