11 Seconds | Street Photography In Jaipur

For years, I have refrained from street photography in Jaipur as I dislike projecting a camera in front of someone’s face. This is a downer since I know a couple of good locations for street & people photography in Jaipur. This city is one of the worthiest places for street photography in India.

Street photography is an art. You need to be discreet to ensure good shots. In a bid to improve my photography skills, I took up photo-walks in Jaipur. Check out my Indian street photography blogs on Jaipur Photo-Walks in Jaipur

I was out to capture people on the streets on a weekend & found these people reading newspapers. I quickly composed this shot.


As I bent down & clicked a picture, the shutter noise distracted one of them He looked towards me with a blank face. I immediately locked his expressions in this frame. There was a gap of only 11 seconds between both these pictures. The expression on his face was priceless!

What are your thoughts about both these frames?

You can read about some of these interesting themes in the photo-walks in below links.

Photo Walk in Jaipur Faceless Frames ” Hands”, Eye-less, Shapes.


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Posting this for the Wordless Wednesday.


171 thoughts on “11 Seconds | Street Photography In Jaipur

  1. Hi Arvind,

    I have a question. Do you ask for permission when you click subjects.
    I’ve been told it’s not good to catch them off guard.

    I’ve always wanted to shoot subjects but very wary of intruding on their privacy. I’ve shot some with permission though.

    Our new edition of #WW is back.
    Do hop in when you can.


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    1. Natasha, there are rules when it comes to street photography. There are so many contentions and all seem valid. I think it is all situational. There have been times when people have asked me click their pictures on noticing a camera in my hand even though I had no intention to capture them. Many times, people have expressely told me not to click their picture. There are no standards or rules. To be honest, Indian streets are an eye-opener and in a stark contrast from the ones in Europe. Most such rules on privacy have come in from Europe but people on our streets are different. Try it some day!

      will join WW soon.

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  2. I am not a fan of taking pictures of people. I personally don’t like to have my picture taken so I so with the assumption that others don’t as well. I like the first picture since they seem more anonymous and I like the fact that you went with black and white.

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    1. Thanks, Debbie. I’m glad you liked these pictures. There are techniques and of course there’s some technology by way of equipment but it is largely art. Have you tried your hands at street photography?

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      1. Ah! Then you must. It is a good time to visit Jaipur with low tourist traffic and very low cases. I’m sure you will love the city. The weather is perfect for exploring.

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