Pigeons, Jaigarh And Amer Fort

While we humans are social and seek partners or a company, even birds and animals need a company. Seen here in the below picture is a pair of pigeons with a backdrop of the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage site Amer Fort. You can spot a large number of pigeons near Maota lake in front of the Amer Fort. Many locals and travelers feed pigeons at this famous pigeon feeding spot in Jaipur.

Pigeons with Amer Fort as a backdrop in Jaipur

Do you know Jaigarh Fort acted as a support system for Amer Fort?  Amer Fort was the residential quarter while Jaigarh Fort towering over the Amer fort on a hill above provided security to the Amer Fort. Incidentally, Jaigarh Fort has the World’s largest Canon and one of India’s first canon making foundry!!

Partner…essential for survival. what do you think?


Hiking partners taking rest during an ascend in the Aravali Hills.

This post is part of  Weekly Photo Challenge – Partners

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29 thoughts on “Pigeons, Jaigarh And Amer Fort

  1. Lovely Pictures as usual arv! What caught my attention was the pair of pigeons, yes they always can be seen in pairs! Also the state of neglect of world heritage sites! Did you notice the condition of the wall and lack of landscaping?

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    1. It’s true that UNESCO world heritage sites require much more care than they are currently extended. I will give Amer palace 80 out of 100 when it comes to upkeep. Water seepage and dampness seem to be an issue as pointed out by you. Given the fact that it’s made with old world technology finding materials and labour using them today is difficult. this is something that I came across when I spoke with some people. I’m sure Amer won’t have those kind of issues though. There are other issues which need to be highlighted too. some other day. 🙂
      Thanks for appreciating Balroop! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for appreciating! I love B&W pictures too, they defy time! Luring people to Jaipur? Ha ha! Let me sign a contract with Rajasthan Tourism Board! 😉
      Thanks for kind words of appreciation! 🙂

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