kesar kyari at maota amer palace

Sunrise – Kesar Kyari, Amer

Amer Fort is the most popular tourist place in Jaipur. I have detailed the reasons for the popularity of Amer Fort among travelers in Why Amer Fort is popular among travelersEven then, most travelers fail to notice the famous Kesar Kyari of Amer Fort. Kesar Kyari is situated in Maota lake at the base of Amer Fort. 

During one of the mornings, I was on my way to the Amer Fort walking path which is the same ramp used by the elephants to ferry the tourists to the Amber Fort.  With the sun’s rays shining on Amer valley, it felt magical. I decided to click Kesar Kyari to capture this moment. I walked up towards the old elephant stand. The entire sight of the light spreading its cast looked picturesque. Here it is the picture of Amer Ghati with Kesar Kyari in the foreground. 

kesar kyari amer fort

Kesar Kyari at Amer Fort

Most guides at Amer Fort narrate stories from the yesteryears that historians probably cannot digest. For some reason, tourists love these stories. Many of these stories revolve around Kesar Kyari. I’m yet to find credible information on this section of Amer fort.


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