Hawa Mahal in fog, Jaipur

Foggy Hawa Mahal

While waiting for a friend on a cold,foggy  Sunday at 6.45 AM in January,in front of the famous Hawa Mahal, I clicked the below picture.

The visibility was barely few meters,and the road was devoid of any traffic.With such a condition,everyone prefers to pull up on quilt rather than venturing out.

But then, who wants to miss such a lovely view? Despite dense fog,the Hawa Mahal still looked splendid.

Hawa Mahal in fog
Hawa Mahal on a foggy morning

8 thoughts on “Foggy Hawa Mahal

    1. Watching Hawa Mahal on a foggy day is tricky! This year there wasn’t any fog! This place is best seen when there is direct sunlight…it is quite alluring! Hawa Mahal is as synonymous with Jaipur as Eiffel Tower is with Paris!

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