Badrinath Temple Of Amer

The Badrinath temple premises stands out in Amer Town. Pale cream-yellow colored building, situated on a small hill commanding a great view of the vicinity.

Badrinath Temple, Amer town, Jaipur

It also happens to be the biggest complex in its surrounding. If you happen to be at the parking lot of the Amer Fort near the rear entrance gate, Badrinath Temple will surely seek your attention with its magnificent presence!

Click here for a detailed post on the Badrinath temple  which was posted earlier.

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15 thoughts on “Badrinath Temple Of Amer

    1. Philippa…I’m not surprised with your comment! That is because it is not popular amongst locals.Also this temple is maintained by a particular sect of Brahmins, which also can be another reason. The view of Amer Palace from this temple is amazing…I’m sure you will agree!

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