Stop Defacing Our Heritage!

These pictures depict a common sight across all heritage sites in India. It is unfortunate that the failed Love stories are defacing our heritage sites and monuments. Despite Nahargarh Fort having many guards, it is sad to witness irreparable damage being inflicted on the site. Most heritage monuments in Rajasthan like the rest of India, don’t have guards for the safekeeping of sites.



“Devdas” chronicling their failed love stories with dates!


jaipur heritage

These are just a few pictures from a protected heritage monument – Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur.

Panoramic view of Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

Why do people deface heritage monuments and buildings?

It often makes me wonder what prompts people to do this? A sense of achievement? Ignorance? If not these two then what? I’m sure they will never attempt to do something similar in their home! What will they achieve by “documenting” their “failed love stories” on these heritage sites?

I recall having seen an advertisement campaign involving actor Aamir Khan urging people not to deface our national monuments and heritage sites. It is unfortunate that this did not deter miscreants. This is a recent picture of Amer Fort.


It is sad to see such an attitude towards our heritage! We need stronger enforcement of the law as well as harsh punishment and a strong drive to educate people to value our heritage! I’m sure if authorities deface the offender’s residence with similar activities, it’ll surely help arrest such attempts.

Would you like to share your thoughts on this issue?

Read Why our attitude towards heritage needs a change?

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20 thoughts on “Stop Defacing Our Heritage!

  1. Seriously, what do people get by writing like ‘Manu loves Anu’ and by making stupid symbols.
    That depicts where we come from and speaks about our character.

    I am happy I never did anything of this sort and still carry trash with me to throw it in the bin…where it belongs!

    The solution is tough laws like they have in the U.S. and proper education, which might still not work in India!

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    1. You are right…but I’m sure education will certainly help ease the situation. Tough law? well, we already have many laws, but poor enforcement..Only if enforcement can be improved !! No one would dare to do such acts in countries where there are tough laws and strong enforcement like some countries in Middle East! In the end its all about conscience and moral judgement!

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  2. I was actually thinking the other day how little graffiti we see in India. To see so much at Heritage Monuments is shocking. Is this down to the apathy of the guards, who spend most of their time on FB from what I can see? What makes people respect heritage so little, lack of education? And what is the answer?

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    1. Philippa Kaye! Its a very complex answer and there are multiple reasons. I’m sure most of these acts are done by youth. Lack of education is surely one of major reason. I can understand your concern wrt guards, but the fact is that each of us have some responsibility which cannot be transferred to someone else! we also have “mislead” youth who gets violent on being stopped from such acts and ends up beating guards by outnumbering them!! Even government has run drive to educate people using famous film star……But we are yet to see any result! Yes, we don’t have graffiti walls like they do in west…probably having one would have given these people some option rather than defacing heritage!


    1. somali…one feels disappointed coming across such vandalism…the first thought that comes to mind is that the perpetrator has no idea of his action! It is a similar to what Taliban did to Bamian but on a different scale…damage to heritage!

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  3. True, how some people just like to desecrate. It always irritates me when i see graffiti, wall scribblings and shameless litter lying around otherwise beautifully preserved or ruined heritage and cultural sites.

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  4. Oh…. Yes…. Sadly these kind of stupid writings are everywhere. More then sad, I feel angry when I see these. Someone should ask these guy’s if they do this at home also??
    Once me and my friend stopped a small groups of people, when they were trying to climb a statue of lion…. Initially they started laughing at us but when we countered them what is so funny about it then they got rude with us. There were many people but no one came to our support and we finally gave up (If you are two women in a new city then obviously you consider your security first 😦 )
    Yesterday, when I was searching my hard drive for some pictures at that time I came across that picture and couldn’t stop myself from writing it.

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    1. I think we should write and share more often. I find even literate people behaving in same manner as illiterates. I guess even Aamir Khan’s advertisement on this issue didn’t help.

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  5. People don’t relate themselves to the local history due to lack of awareness and sense of pride is their heritage.
    I think schools kids (primary+secondary) should be taken to the heritage sites and teach them the local history, heritage, legends and the purpose, organise quiz, art competition there. We need to begin with young minds. This will also cause awareness among the parents.
    Once people get interested in local history and heritage, they would start caring for these monuments, buildings and artefacts and also try to protect them from vandalism and degradation. The society needs to be involved. Guards cannot police everyone, howsoever sincere they may be.
    Your post and views are very much appreciated.

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    1. You are bang on….I wish that heritage sensitivity and awareness is driven among kids. But as you know education system is so resistant to change in India, it is very difficult to get implemented. you are right, guards cannot help in this matter. Thanks for lovely insight.

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